MRL Calibration Tapes Open Reel Analog

MRL Calibration Tapes Open Reel Analog
MRL Calibration Tapes Right from the Factory!

Note: ALL calibration tapes automatically qualify for free ground shipping. Calibration tapes are an important tool to prove your system is working to international standards, and to make sure you're operating at peak performance. We feature the entire line of Magnetic Reference Laboratory calibration tapes from 1/4" thru 2". There's hundreds of variations of tapes available. What we have listed here are our most popular tapes. Please contact us for calibration tapes not listed.

Generally, 1/4" tapes will be NAB here in the USA. Tascam and Otari 8 track 1/2" and 16 track 1" decks are generally IEC but may have been switched to NAB internally. Please consult your deck's eq requirements before ordering, for MRL tape cannot be returned unless defective. We have a re-record program for tapes shipped within 6 months just in case your tape was accidentally erased or if you want to change to another EQ (NAB, AES, or IEC) for your tape.

Examples of the Recommended Maximum Operating Levels of Currently Manufactured Tapes:
+6dB- RMGI Emtec SM911, LPR35
+9dB- RMGI Emtec SM900
+10dB- ATR Studio Master Tape

Keep this in mind when ordering tapes:
  • MRL Multifrequency tapes have a plethora of frequencies in addition to the standard 1 kHz for operating level adjustments and 8 or 16 kHz for azimuth adjustments. You may not need all those extra frequencies.
  • Many people order the two speed calibration tapes, two frequencies each which covers the basics of operating system adjustment and azimuth adjusment only.
  • The short form, two speed tapes may NOT have enough recording time per frequency depending on the agility of the user and the complexity of the adjustments needed. In other words, if it takes more time than the regular tapes offer to adjust all those tracks without rewinding the tape, go with a "long form" tape. We offer the long form for 1" and 2" two speed tapes only. Each tape description will tell you the record time for each frequency.
  • MRL Tapes are made to order and are not returnable per our return policy so make sure you order the right tape. Any warranty claims are handled by MRL Lab.
Make sure you clean your deck's heads, capstan and guides and then demagnetize the heads, capstan and guides before using any calibration tape! ALL MRL tapes are made in USA. Please click on the blue product titles below for more detailed information.

Normally, MRL tapes are recorded on RMGI SM911, but have an option for ATR Master Tape. You can request ATR MAster Tape in the options pull down for each calibration tape. All MRL tapes ship from MRL lab in California directly to you. MRL TAPES NORMALLY SHIP BY UPS GROUND.

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