ATR Magnetics Open Reel Tape 1/4" X 1800 Ft on 7" Reel THREE PACK

ATR Magnetics Open Reel Tape 1/4" X 1800 Ft on 7" Reel THREE PACK
Item# ATRMDS-36-1800
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Product Description

ATR Magnetics Open Reel Tape 1/4" X 1800 Ft on 7" Reel THREE PACK

  • 1/4" x 1800 FT on Professional 7" Reel
  • 1 Mil Back Coated for Static Transfer
  • Two Window Professional Reel for Reduced Dust Transfer from Deck and Reel Stability (A $10 value)
  • There is no higher quality 1 mil tape on the market
  • Ships as a Three Pack (Three Reels of Tape)
  • Each reel comes in its own heavy duty white setup box or new black plastic tape care boxes (must click option for this version)

  • Product Description:

    ATR Magnetics open reel tape is world re-known for quality and consistency and is used by almost every quality analog studio in the world. MDS-36 is the latest addition to the ATR Magnetics line of audio recording products. MDS-36 is the long-playing version of ATR Master Tape that engineers and musicians have come to love. (ATR named MDS-36 in commemoration of company founder and industry leader Michael D. Spitz.) Coated on the highest quality 1.0 mil polyester film, MDS-36 provides excellent performance and reel-to-reel consistency. This new formulation presented here by US Recording Media offers high output and low noise with improved recording economy, and is bias compatible with ATR Master Tape requiring minimal adjustment for optimal performance. This tape on most decks is a drop in replacement to the bias settings of Ampex/Quantegy 456 but you still might want to tweak the bias settings for perfection if you want.

    This tape comes on a professional 7" reel with two windage holes for tape run stability and plainly, they're excellent, solid reels that resist warping unlike economy reels with very little plastic and mainly air. Note: As with any tape, always fast wind a tape before recording on it to relax the tape and align it to your guides. MADE IN USA