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Foreign Orders Ship to Over 32 CountriesForeign Orders Ship to Over 32 Countries

Unfortunately, we cannot accept foreign orders directly on our website, due to security concerns, dealer agreements, warranty agreements, the inability to calculate all the myriad of new regulations, and serious problems getting proper credit card authorizations.
So in order to accept orders from over 32 foreign countries
US Recording has teamed up with EBay Inc Global Shipping Program for exporting most of our items that can be exported. If you're interested in purchasing something you've seen on this website, please visit and order from our EBay store:
and order it through our EBay store. Ebay itself will then export the order directly to you from a center in Kentucky, USA. Note: You cannot combine orders between this US Recording website and our EBay store, or Amazon. You must order the items to be exported directly from our EBay store only.