Han D Mag Tape Head and Path Demagnetizer by RB Annis 115 Volt

Han D Mag Tape Head and Path Demagnetizer by RB Annis 115 Volt
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Product Description

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The Han D Mag (or the Han-D-Mag) is the very best tape head and guide demagnetizer, also known as a head degausser, you can buy and is a necessary accessory for tape deck maintenance along with good head cleaner and a good pinch roller cleaner like the Lasermedia CL-100 and RC-5 respectively. World famous and used in studios around the world, the RB Annis Han D Mag leaves all the others in the dust because the strength of the magnetic field is far stronger and thorough than any other hand held demag unit. It's nice to see USA made products with the very best components right down to the line cords and internal parts you can't even see.

In true professional style, there is no off on switch to make sure you don't energize or de-energize the unit up against the tape head. The unit is powered as soon as you plug it in. Make sure your deck is OFF and all tapes are at least 4 feet from the demagnetizer at all times, as the very heavy duty coil has a large magnetic field. Demagnetize your tape heads and guides at least every 8 hours and always before using a calibration tape! Clean your heads and guides before demagnetizing. Do NOT use if you have a pacemaker or any other electronic implant.

Why do I need one of these?
We recently had a customer call complaining about the residual noise (hiss) in the background of his new blank tapes. Even playing a virgin tape, there was far too much noise. He blamed the tape. We suggested he try the S115 head demag and see if there was any difference. He called back after demagnetizing his tape path and the hiss level went way down on his AMPEX deck. Down to the point it wasn't even audible unless he "cranked" the level.

The HAN D Mags come with instructions and a little theory. The plastic coated probe on the standard length version is 2-1/4" long and handles most applications. Made in USA. 115 Volts.
  • Strongest real world magnetic field in a hand held unit
  • Degausses up to 2" heads and even hardened steel guides
  • Internal fuseable thermal link for your protection against overheating (factory replaceable)
  • Plastic encased probe will not scratch surfaces
  • Heater grade rubber line cord, not cheap vinyl
  • Metal spring type line cord strain relief for longer life
  • With proper use, eliminates magnetized heads and guides from high frequency erasure of your tapes
  • Reduces noise floor caused by magnetized heads
  • Made in USA
  • Available with standard short probe only. The long probe is no longer made.
  • 25% Duty Cycle, 3 minutes on 15 off