Lasermedia CD and DVD Cleaner CD-DVD-8 8 Ounce Spray Bottle

Lasermedia CD and DVD Cleaner CD-DVD-8 8 Ounce Spray Bottle
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Product Description:
  • Non-wax formula eliminates wax dust and wax buildup that you find with some other cleaners
  • Safe for use with Compact Discs, DVDs, and recordable CD-R and DVD-Rs
  • Handy 8 Ounce Spray Bottle
  • Made in USA
  • Non Hazardous Non Flammable Formula

    In the same rank of top rated products as Lasermedia VNC-8 Vinyl Cleaner, Lasermedia CD-DVD-8 by TME is a true professional archive quality cleaner for your CD, DVD, CD-R, and DVD-R collection. CD-DVD-8 uses the purest de-ionized water, specialized non-ionic surfactants, and other ingredients to gently and safely lift contaminants from your disc recordings. Made in USA Non Flammable Non Hazardous

    This safe formula is for cleaning your discs, and it will not contaminate or fog your polycarbonate material like many cleaners will. It contains no alcohol, no ammonia, no benzine, no naptha or other harsh chemicals. Being a cleaner, it can not fix gouges and bad scratches, and there is no cleaner that can despite what they tell you, and if you think about it, how could it?
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