Lasermedia CL-100 Pro Head & Guide Cleaner 8 Oz Can **SHIPS BY UPS GROUND ONLYZoom

Lasermedia CL-100 Pro Head & Guide Cleaner 8 Oz Can **SHIPS BY UPS GROUND ONLY

Item# CL-100-8-A
Availability: Usually ships the next business day
Our most popular head cleaner ever! Lasermedia CL-100 is a special highly recommended professional formula head and guide cleaner designed to remove the toughest goo from your metal tape heads and guides cleanly and professionally. This is the best tape head cleaner you can get. NOT for use on plastic parts or pinch rollers. Best method: Clean your metal heads and guides with CL-100 and use Lasermedia RC5 for the occasional rubber pinch roller cleaning. (Again, do not use CL-100 on the rubber pinch roller or plastic parts!) CL-100's formula contains no oils, alcohol, or water. Read the label completely before use. For non commercial use only. Metal can contains 8 Fluid ounces. Made in USA. We highly recommend our QT-100 latex free cotton tipped wooden handle applicators for this fluid.

Note: Due to D.O.T. regulations, this item will only be shipped by UPS Ground and cannot be shipped to APO addresses, Hawaii, Alaska, or by any other method. All orders including this item will be shipped by ground only and only to the 48 USA contiguous states. This item will be removed from any order going by any other method or by ANY method to Hawaii or Alaska. ALL ITEMS ORDERED WITH CL-100 WILL SHIP BY UPS GROUND ONLY.
Do not order  with any record albums or recording media (tapes, cassettes, CDR, DVD, etc.) unless choosing "Ship Separately" option above. The extra fee is a partial shipping offset because this item will then ship separately from non fluid items. This additional fee covers less than half the actual cost of shipping one can, we pick up the rest. We cannot ship this item to Hawaii or Alaska.

"Your CL100 cleaner cleaned my tape heads and tape guides better than anything else I've ever used."-BF, Dallas

Not only does CL-100 do the job, but unlike certain other cleaners that begin with an "S", it contains NO Benzine which is a known carcinogen.

Health Issues (If Any):

EPA Hazard Categories: (As of March 1, 2006)

     Meets EPA hazard categories as defined for SARA Title III Sections 311/312 as defined:

  • NO Acute (immediate) health hazard
  • NO Chronic (delayed) health hazard
  • NO Fire Hazard
  • NO Reactive Hazard
  • NO Sudden Release of Pressure Hazard

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