Lasermedia RC-5 Pinch Roller Cleaner Rejuvinator 8 Oz Can **SHIPS BY UPS GROUND ONLYZoom

Lasermedia RC-5 Pinch Roller Cleaner Rejuvinator 8 Oz Can **SHIPS BY UPS GROUND ONLY

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This very popular Lasermedia RC-5 rubber pinch roller cleaner system is designed to be gentle, but still remove the excess crud from your pinch roller without removing the plasticizers that make your roller pliable unlike isopropol alcohol. Most "rubber cleaner/rejuvinators" will remove these plasticizers over time making your rubber roller rock hard, brittle, and maybe even lumpy. Some rubber renew type products even contain mineral oil which can soak in and damage your tape! Sure, they're OK on a rubber part not touching tape, but not OK on a deck pinch roller. The chemical formulation of the RC-5 cleaner has excellent resistance to breaking down rubber unlike almost every other roller cleaner out there and it does not contain any oils at all.

The Lasermedia RC-5 cleaning system uses a special chemical formula specially designed with consultation with a Cornell chemical engineer to gently clean the pinch roller as well as revitalize the rubber's surface to renew it's grip. For non-commercial use only. Contains eight ounces in a metal can. Made and formulated in USA. Not sold for commercial use.

Note: Due to D.O.T. regulations, this item will only be shipped by UPS Ground and cannot be shipped to APO addresses, Hawaii, Alaska, Canada, or by any other method. All orders including this item will be shipped by ground only and only to the 48 contiguous states. It will be removed from any order going to Alaska or Hawaii no matter the shipping method.
Do not order  with any record albums or recording media (tapes, cassettes, CDR, DVD, etc.) unless choosing "Ship Separately" option above.  You may, of course, order this item separately with other non-recording media items. ALL ITEMS SHIPPED WITH RC-5 WILL SHIP BY UPS GROUND

Simple to use:

  • Wet a latex free cotton tipped applicator with the Lasermedia RC-5 fluid
  • Rub the surface of the roller with the applicator. This should take about a minute per roller.
  • WIPE OFF any excess fluid when you're done cleaning with a dry latex free applicator or cloth
  • Let roller thoroughly dry for a few minutes before use
  • Use only when your pinch roller is visibly dirty or you can feel dirt on the surface
  • Non-carcinogenic
  • Contains no isopropol alcohol, oils, or water.
  • Good for many hundreds of cleanings!
  • Made in USA
  • We highly recommend our QT-100 latex free cotton tipped wood handled applicators for this product

  • "I love your pinch roller cleaner. I've been using it even on rollers in digital camcorders to rejuvinate the rubber and clean it. This is the best I've ever used after all these years and I mean a lot of years!"- GL NJ
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