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TME VCFB-100 Carbon Fiber Vinyl Cleaning Brush

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TME VCFB-100 Carbon Fiber/Microfiber Vinyl Record Cleaning Brush NEW!

  • Includes one TME VCFB High Technology DUAL Carbon Fiber Brush W/ Built In Microfiber Pad
  • Brand New Factory Sealed
  • Non-Flammable Formula
  • Comes with Metal Stand to Protect your Brush
  • Hard Clear Plastic Storage Case Included

    This TME brush is great. We've spent months testing brushes from manufacturers all over the world, and this is by far the best we could find anywhere.  Most brushes will simply clean the flat plateau areas between the grooves, with a *little* cleaning action in the grooves, and many brushes simply plow the dirt from between the grooves INTO the grooves where the dirt goes beyond reach of the brush sort of like a snow plow filling a pothole. 

    But this brush, TME Model VCFB-100 has TWO conductive carbon fiber brushes, one on each side of the microfiber pad between them. The fibers in this brush are carbon fiber, and are smaller than a human hair! They reach down into the grooves dislodging dirt where they can be grabbed by the microfiber pad. The microfibers are electrically conductive into the metal cap and will also pull static from your LP to aid in removing the dirt particles. This brush can be used DRY or WET.  Comes with metal stand for storage to protect your brush fibers and comes in a plastic storage case for safe keeping. 

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