Lasermedia VNC-8XL Triple Strength Ultra Deep Cleaning Vinyl Cleaner

Lasermedia VNC-8XL Triple Strength Ultra Deep Cleaning Vinyl Cleaner
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  • Triple Strength formulation of VNC-8 Professional Formula Used By Leading Archives Around the Country
  • Ultra Pure Water Base 1 Micron Filtered and De-ionized. Non flammable.
  • Proprietary Amphihilic Non-Ionic Surfactants and Other Ingredients to Lift Dirt
  • Ultra Deep Cleaning Without Use Of Harsh Chemicals Like Alcohol or Ammonia which can Weaken Plasticizers in the Vinyl
  • 8 Ounce Spray Bottle

    Keep Your Vinyl Clean!

    New! Lasermedia VNC-8-XL Ultra Deep Cleaning Vinyl Record Cleaning Fluid, In the tradition of Lasermedia VNC-8, is another top archival quality product used by demanding archives and record collectors across the country. VNC-8-XL is triple the strength of our popular VNC-8 cleaner, still without use of any harmful chemicals like Isopropyl alcohol or ammonia. Formulated for very dirty recordings like DJ records or neglected vinyl, not intended for day in and day out maintenance of your recordings, although there would be no harm using it, but use VNC-8 for that (see below.)

    For use with any quality micro fiber cleaning brush (not included) or record cleaning cloth (not included). Just spray fluid on grooves avoiding the label and move the brush or cloth in the direction of the grooves, not across the grooves. You may desire to rinse the vinyl with clean water like distilled water, if the recording was very very dirty, to help your record cleaning micro-fiber cloth or brush get all the dirt off the surface after the VNC-8XL lifts it. The need for this depends on the ability of your cloth or brush to clean out the loose dirt from the grooves. Allow record to dry before use. Note: This product cannot restore damaged grooves, as no cleaning fluid can achieve this.
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