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Mobile Fidelity Record Cleaning Brush

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Mobile Fidelity Record Cleaning Brush Product Description:

We like the design of this brush. It is a substantial extrusion made of rubber which helps protect your record in case you accidentally bump it with the brush. The cleaning pad, which is attached to the bottom and two sides is a microfiber material, can be cleaned easily with a CLEAN toothbrush, and these pads can be peeled off and replaced with accessory replacement pads (not included) if you get something nasty on the pad that won't brush off. Works great with most cleaning fluids, especially Lasermedia VNC-4 cleaning fluid. The pad size is approximately 3-1/2" long X 2" wide which is plenty of surface area to clean the crud off your albums. Can be washed clean and gently squeegeed semi-dry. Recommended! PS: ALWAYS wet clean your NEW albums before use. There is mold release compound on new LPS and that can cause noise and dirt build-up. UPC: 821797777025
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