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We've just created two newsgroups at Yahoo. The first is for the semi and professional recording arts. Please feel free to post questions, comments, gripes, but most of all ask questions about recording, recording media, methods of recording or anything else recording! In order to help eliminate spammers, you will need a filled out Yahoo profile to join. People trying to join without a profile will be automatically denied. Nothing personal, but there's too much junk email.

 This group home page is at:

We also just started a newsgroup at Yahoo for reel to reel recording hobbyists which is dedicated to the discussion of reel to reel tapes, new and pre-recorded including the qualities of various releases. This includes taping methods, tape editing but not hardware issues like "how do I fix my Wollensak."

This group home page is at:

Anyone can join the group and it's free. Spammers will be blocked and this might include "spammer-looking" email addresses. It's nothing personal but spamming is a huge waste of people's time with today's work schedules. Anyone attempting commercial advertising in the groups will be removed automatically.