TME­™ Real Foil Sensing Tape Self Adhesive .20" X 54' Roll UPC# 858765005019Zoom

TME­™ Real Foil Sensing Tape Self Adhesive .20" X 54' Roll UPC# 858765005019

Item# ACFOIL-54
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UPC# 858765005019 This top-of-the-line brand new sensing foil made in Europe is real soft aluminum foil with a proprietary non oozing silicone adhesive. Unlike "faux" foils we see people selling which are "vapor evaporated aluminized plastic" which don't work on many decks and wear out quickly, this is real foil, and the only real foil for sale that we know of for this purpose. Note: This foil is .20" rather than .25" wide to enable easy application using a splicing block.

ACFOIL is used on any audio tape deck using foil for auto reverse and/or auto stop sensing like some TEAC models and also for 8 track carts. NOTE: It will not *turn* your deck into a reversing or auto-stop deck if it's not designed to do those functions! (We had to say that.) The 7/32" wide (a little under 1/4") foil comes on a 54 foot roll on a 3" professional plastic core with backing release paper which you remove. We chose to use the backing release paper rather than having the foil stick to itself on the roll to keep the foil surface and adhesive side of the foil as clean as possible. Each roll should have enough foil for one end of about 640 tapes. Certified to spec in an ISO 9001 manufacturing plant. MADE IN EUROPE.

To use: Cut about 1" or so (depending on your deck's sensitivity), peel off the backing paper and using a splicing block, center and apply the foil to the surface of the tape where your sensors are. This is almost always the side of the tape away from the heads and NOT the oxide side. There should be a slight gap between the edge of the foil and the edge of the tape if centered properly but this is not critical.
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