TME­® Real Foil Sensing Tape Self Adhesive .20" X 10.5 FT Roll Zoom

TME­® Real Foil Sensing Tape Self Adhesive .20" X 10.5 FT Roll

Item# ACFOIL-10
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"Finally, sensing foil that actually works! I love this stuff!" -AS, Henderson Nevada "I bought over 20 rolls of ACFOIL and love it! "- TH, Newport, RI

Real Professional Studio Grade™ Aluminum Sensing Foil (Not Inferior "Aluminized Plastic") 7/32" x 10.5 FT long on 3" easy to handle Plastic Core (Also available on 54 foot and 10.5 foot rolls) Cut to the length you need for your deck's sensitivity and operating speed Features removable release paper backing for clean top surface and for allowing angled cuts on your TME® splicing block Made in Germany to exacting TME® specifications in an ISO 9001 Certified Facility. Highly conductive real soft aluminum made for the purpose Conductive adhesive adds to the ability of the deck to sense the foil Less than 0.005 Ohms Resistance per ASTM Large 3" Professional Core for Easier Handling and Less Metal Curling Long Lasting and Clean Adhesion will not OOZE in time like other products

We've been asked if it's possible to come up with different roll lengths of our top selling TME® ACFOIL-54 so we now offer the same high quality foil but on 26 foot rolls.

TME® Professional open reel deck sensing foil is custom made in Europe specifically for open reel tape sensing to TME® specifications. It is real, highly conductive soft aluminum foil with a non-oozing aerospace adhesive which is also conductive to sensing currents from your tape deck. Almost every other foil we see being sold as open reel sensing foil is in reality "vapor evaporated aluminized plastic" hobby tape. This tape is fine for arts and crafts, but they do not have the conductive qualities of real foil, and from our customer's experiences, we can pretty much guarantee will wear out quickly, may not work at all on some decks, and will ooze adhesive, contaminating your deck and precious tapes. They're simply not in reality made for this use, and it's not worth the risk to potentially damage thousands of dollars worth of tapes over an inexpensive item. Also, the hobby tapes sold by other companies generally are .25" wide or more which will make it nearly impossible to add to sensing to your tapes without having some of it overlap the edge of the tape which is definitely not recommended.

Sensing foil is used on any audio tape deck using foil for auto reverse and/or auto stop sensing like on some TEAC models. Note: No, it will not *turn* your deck into a reversing or auto-stop deck if it's not designed to do those functions! (We had to say that.)

TME ACFOIL-10 comes 10 feet on a roll with a 3" diameter plastic core and is shipped on a metal hub support. The foil has removable backing release paper which you remove before you adhere it to the tape. We chose to use the backing release paper rather than having the foil stick to itself on the roll to keep the foil surface as clean as possible, and the adhesive as strong as possible. This also allows for neat, angled cuts or butt cuts with a splicing block before application which is impossible without backing paper.

Each roll should have enough foil for one end of around 125 tapes or more assuming you cut a a 1" sense tab. . To use: Cut about 1" or so (depending on your deck's sensitivity), peel off the backing paper and using a splicing block, center and apply the foil to the surface of the tape where your sensors are. Smooth down with a cotton tipped applicator. Sensing foil is almost always applied to the side of the tape away from the heads and NOT the oxide side. Check your manual. There should be a slight gap between the edge of the foil and the edge of the tape if centered properly but it doesn't have to be perfectly centered.

Specifications: Foil Thickness: 1.5 Mil Total Thickness: 2.10 Mil Tensile Strength: 14 Lb/In Electrical Resistance: <0.005 Ohms per Mil Spec
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