Demagnetizers Degaussers Tape Head and Tape Path

Demagnetizers Degaussers Tape Head and Tape Path
One of the most important pieces of gear you can possibly imagine is a good tape head demagnetizer. The RB Annis head demags we sell are the very best and are the industry standard. They have the magnetic field required to properly demagnetize your heads and guides, and the other's don't, especially those goofy pencil shaped "wands." With the Han D Mag, if you follow the instructions, you won't have to guess whether or not you did the job.
If you don't demagnetize your tape heads, guides, and other metal parts that are in the tape path, you are slowly but surely erasing your tapes, starting with the high frequencies. It gets very ugly after a while. Not only that, but residual magnetism can add much noise to playback and recording. These demags should be used every 8 hours of use or more, and certainly before any use of an alignment tape! Always turn OFF your tape deck and remove ALL tape from the deck and surrounding areas. Follow the instructions included.

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Han D Mag Tape Head and Path Demagnetizer by RB Annis 115 Volt
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