TEAC TZ-612A NAB Reel Hub Adapter for 1/4" Reels Single AdapterZoom

TEAC TZ-612A NAB Reel Hub Adapter for 1/4" Reels Single Adapter

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Product Description OPEN REEL NAB HUB ADAPTER NEW (Single Adapter) BY TEAC® for 1/4" NAB 10.5" TAPE REELS

Brand New standard NAB reel Hub Adapter

Fits most 1/4" tape decks of any brand with the commonly used trident hold down design. Includes built in bottom shim plate to vertically adjust tape pack centerline on 10.5" metal reels Authorized TEAC Parts dealer parts directly from TEAC Made in Japan

NAB hub adapters are probably the most lost or mis-placed part out there in the open reel recording world, and TEAC adapters are the perfect solution!

This brand new TEAC hub adapter is the same NAB metal reel hub adapter used by TEAC for decades for adapting large center hole 10.5" reels to their tape decks designed to play 10.5" reels. The nice thing about this design is they are pretty much universal in design, fitting any open reel tape deck that has the three prong (trident) reel hold downs that screw down, or are spring loaded to hold down a standard small hole reel. So if you have a TEAC, TASCAM, Revox, Tandberg, Pioneer, AKAI, or any other 1/4" tape deck with the three prong reel hold down design, these should fit. The TEAC TZ-612 is the best hub adapter we've seen, as it clamps down well on the deck, adjusts the metal reel height without the need for an external shim, and center the reel nicely (unlike other hub adapters.)

Specifications: Hold Down Design: Trident Tape Width: 1/4" Reel Center Hole Design: Standard NAB Made in Japan Ships as a single adapter, NOT a pair. ©US Recording Media, LLC 2017
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