TME™ 7" Plastic Heavy Duty Takeup Reels TWO Pack AC2999AB-2Zoom

TME™ 7" Plastic Heavy Duty Takeup Reels TWO Pack AC2999AB-2

Item# AC2999AB-2
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  • Professional Studio Grade© Heavy Duty Plastic
  • NO tape end slot to damage your tape
  • For 1/4" Tape
  • Sold as two pack (one shown for clarity)
  • Each reel comes in a standard white setup box

    These brand new reels are used in the largest professional archives around the country, as well as studios and serious home recordists, because they're heavy duty, well made, have only two windage holes, and have NO tape end slots to deform and damage your recording tape. The fewer holes there are in your reel flanges, the stronger the reel is, the more balanced and stable it is reducing wow and flutter, and less dust can get all over your tape. Reels with all kinds of flange cutouts are bad news and are not acceptable for professional use and are hobby quality at best, although they are far cheaper to make (less plastic used.) This reel is the same reel ATR uses for their 7" tape product. The TME® AC2999AB reel also has nice surfaces for labels.

    Tape end slots are a critical problem in 7" reels because the the tape pack is wound tightly on the reel and tape loves to create a bump pushing into the tape hub where there's a tape slot causing a *wumping* dropout sound every revolution of the reel (or more if there's more slots.) This is exacerbated tremendously if you use noise reduction especially DBX, and even worse with 1 mil tapes because they're thinner. This deformation can be carried well into the end of the tape pack. Note: We're talking about the slots cut into cheap reels where the tape winds, not on the side of the flanges. This problem has long been identified by AMPEX, Quantegy, RMGI, ATR, and other manufacturers as well. In fact, the early RMGI reels had those tape slots but they changed the molds to remove them. That being said, the TME AC2999AB reels do NOT have tape end slots so they are safe and will not damage your tape.

    This item ships as a two pack of reels each in a standard white setup box.
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