Splicing Kit with Clear Sensing Tape, White Leader. Splicing Block, and Splicing Tape by TME™Zoom

Splicing Kit with Clear Sensing Tape, White Leader. Splicing Block, and Splicing Tape by TME™

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Limited Edition Kit: A $100.00 Value if purchased separately TME 1/4" Splicing Kit with Clear Sensing Leader

  • For 1/4" Open Reel Decks with photo sensing for reverse or stop functions like Revox A77
  • A $100.00 value! Save and get top quality at the same time
  • Includes 1 each Professional Library of Congress approved Full Size Professional Splicing Block TME S25N
  • Includes 1 each 500 Foot roll of TME Solid White Opaque Leader Tape AC1LWH500R on 5" Broadcast Reel
  • Includes 1 each 500 Foot roll of crystal clear sensing leader good for sensing over 1,100 tapes
  • Includes 2 each 1/4" x 82' rolls of TME AC1S Series Splicing Tape
  • Comes in handy white storage box

    This ACSPLICEKIT-CLR is a great way to get the necessities for doing truly professional splices on 1/4" tape! Features a full size professional 5.75" long x 1" wide TME S25N aluminum alloy splicing block (same ones used by US Congress Library archives.) The TME S25N is made of a special long lasting hard aluminum alloy, rather than cheap soft aluminum you find in other blocks on the market. Those blocks get worn out in no time. A full sized block is far easier to splice on than a smaller, cheaper block and especially a block without our proprietary center groove. The TME S25N block has this proprietary center groove which locks your tape into place for good splices and is harden industrial anodized for a lifetime of splicing.

    You also get TWO rolls of TME AC1S89B1 splicing tape, one roll of AC1LWH500R Govt Spec opaque white leader tape, and one 500 foot roll of crystal clear leader for tape decks using clear optical tape for sensing. Use any stainless steel uncoated safety razor blade. Always use stainless steel or you may get a pop on your recording from a magnetized blade. Also, use uncoated blades because many blades have a coating of oil on them from manufacturing.
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