TME Professional Splicing Tape for 1/4" Recording Media 82' Poly Pack© UPC# 858765005033Zoom

TME Professional Splicing Tape for 1/4" Recording Media 82' Poly Pack© UPC# 858765005033

Item# AC1S89B1C
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Face it. There's a lot of really bad splicing tape out there that oozes all over your transport and heads, or dries up in year or so. But TME™ AC1S89B1C is a time tested true professional splicing tape specially designed for use in splicing magnetic tape to leader tape or making intra-tape splices. This splicing tape is custom made in Europe to TME™ specifications and imported directly to US Recording. Specially formulated for back coated tapes like RMGI Emtec, 3M, AMPEX, or ATR. For 1/4" tape. 82' long on 1" blue plastic core. Comes double sealed in a blue zip pouch for fuzz free storage . Please click on the photo for a full screen image. Made in Europe.

  • Minimal adhesive buildup on cutting blades
  • High shear, special non-oozing adhesive great for back coated tapes
  • Includes one USA Made Stainless Steel Media Blade in package.
  • High strength (exceeds 3 KG test)
  • Uniform roll unwind, no more jerky unwind
  • Precision slitting tolerances
  • Slit and certified ISO 9001 compliant
  • Color: Blue
  • UPC# 858765005033
  • Substrate: .0009 inch...... 23 microns
  • Adhesive: .0002 inch...... 5 microns
  • Total: .0011 inch...... 28 microns
  • Also available in bulk by the box...see other listing.

  • Note: If you need more of this item than is available here please go to and search B00NNSO11K which will allow you to order from Amazon directly and they will ship it. Also, it's Prime©.
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