USR News!

USR News!


Welcome friends, to our completely re-designed web site. We've been at this so long, this is actually our tenth major upgrade and we hope you enjoy it!

  • All our operations are continuing as normal, and in addition we are quite busy working on special items to support our local hospitals during the COVID-19 epidemic. Our European factory was directed by their government to only make medical items, so some of our product quantities might be getting low. But if you can order it, we have what the website allows you to order at a minimum
  • Available inventory quantities are updated automatically as people pay for their orders.
  • You can now check your orders online for tracking information and even approximate ship date before it ships
  • Unless stated otherwise, we will have in stock right here at USR what you need and we don't have to "order" or "find somewhere" product to fill your order requirements.
  • If you need a larger quantity than what our system allows you to order, please email us for availability of the additional quantity.
  • We accept Paypal only for online payments, but you can go to and use a credit card for payment.

  • For EZ Order Form Instructions Click Here

    8-22-2019: Yahoo diligently got our email system working the way it is supposed to. If it seemed we ignored your messages in the past, we simply didn't get your messages!

    NEW! Our ordering system now indicates >the order status of your order. The status includes if your order shipped or not, and if so, by what carrier and with a tracking number and link so you can see where your order is. Previously we relied on USPS and UPS to notify you, but now you can check it all out yourself.

    NEW! Top rated Lasermedia VNC-8 Vinyl Record Cleaner and CD-DVD-8 CD and DVD cleaner now available in discount quantities!
    NEW! TME Open Reel Tape End Hold Down Tabs now available! Check under Splicing Tape

    NEW! TME USA Made Archival Precision Die Cut HDPE Inner Sleeves Now Available!

    EASY FREE SHIPPING: Economy shipping is our default shipping method, and free shipping is automatically applied to all Economy Shipping orders over $75.00. NO CODES to enter. Note: This is for the lower 48 states only. Also, if you want to change to a different (and not free) shipping method, you may do so on checkout. Other than Economy Shipping we also offer UPS Ground, UPS 3 Day Select, UPS 2 Day Air.

    Many of the items we have here are being shipped through Amazon internationally to over 100 countries, and via Ebay Global Shipping Program in our Ebay store. For this reason, we do not ship internationally directly through this website. Note: Not all items can be shipped overseas and some are ineligible due to shipping and customs regulations.

    If you're an shopper, and already have Prime© why pay for shipping again? Many of the products we sell are already being offered by our sister company on Amazon, and shipped by Amazon to you. Click here to go to these listings on

    The US Recording Amazon Storefront

    The above photograph is from the collection of the Library of Congress.

    From the Beautiful Pocono Mountains in Pennsylvania! Pro Recording Media, Pre and Post Production Archival and Recording supplies Questions ? Please EMAIL our staff by clicking "email" on the blue toolbar below.
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