US Recording Media, LLC is nestled in a farming valley outside of Kresgeville, in the Pocono Mountains of Eastern Pennsylvania. We moved here to get away from the crime, noise, pollution, and local corruption we endured in the past.

Questions? Email us at for the quickest response.

Please note for several months there was a screw-up with our email and some messages to the above email address apparently did not get through. Yahoo has fixed the issue completely so all messages appear to be getting through again. We apologize if you tried to contact us and we seemed to ignore you. It wasn't us! We enjoy staying in touch with our customers!

Mailing Address:

US Recording Media, LLC
PO Box 991 Kresgeville, Pa 18333

Same day order shipping cutoff 10 AM Eastern Time

Please note that unfortunately we will not directly export any of our products. If you're a foreign customer, please go to our EBAY listings (we're recordingsystems) and use the Ebay Global Shipping Program for export. We will ship the items to Kentucky and Ebay will ship them off to you. All items we're allowed to export are on our Ebay listings. Also, many of our products are on Amazon who will ship to over 63 countries.

For security reasons, all other orders must be placed on our secure web site as we no longer accept phone orders.

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