Lasermedia CD-DVD-8 Compact Disc and DVD Cleaning KitZoom

Lasermedia CD-DVD-8 Compact Disc and DVD Cleaning Kit

Item# CDDVD-K-8
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Product Description:

  • Ultra Pure Water Base 1 Micron Filtered and De-ionized. Non flammable.
  • Includes one Black CD-DVD Microfiber Cleaning Cloth 12"x 12"
  • Proprietary Amphiphilic Non-Ionic Surfactants and Other Ingredients to Lift Dirt
  • Deep Cleans Gently Without Use Of Harsh Chemicals Like Alcohol or Ammonia
  • 8 Ounce Spray Bottle

    Lasermedia's CD-DVD-8 CD and DVD Cleaning Fluid by US Recording Media/TME® is another top archival quality product used by demanding archives and collectors across the country. Gently lifts accumulated dirt and other contaminants without use of any harmful chemicals like Benzine, Ammonia, or Alcohol.

    Includes one 12" x 12" microfiber cleaning cloth. The material in this cloth is well tested to not scratch, or shed profusely like many cloths do. Hand washable.

    Just spray fluid on the disc and move the cloth straight across the disc. Allow disc to dry before use. Works on both store bought or CDR and DVDR product. Note: This product cannot restore damaged discs, as no cleaning fluid can achieve this. Important Note: Never microwave this bottle for any reason!!
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