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Lasermedia CL-100 Tape Head Ceaning Fluid

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Lasermedia CL-100 Tape Head Cleaner 8 Ounces is Back!

  • NON CARCINOGENIC: Contains no benzine, which is a known carcinogenic, found in other tape head cleaners.
  • THOROUGH CLEANING: Easily dissolves tape binder residue and loosens oxide and other crud from your metal parts.

  • Our widely used Lasermedia CL-100 Head and Metal Guide Cleaner is back! Time tested and is simply the very best head cleaner you can get for any tape deck. Easily cleans tape binder residue giving you for the cleanest heads, and cleans far better than alcohol. Simply apply with a cotton tipped applicator (not included), or add a few drops to a Lasermedia cleaning tape (not included) to thoroughly clean your heads and metal guides.

    DO NOT USE ON PLASTIC PARTS. This cleaner was previously approved by AMPEX Engineering. Made in USA Comes in an 8 FL Ounce metal can with screw cap and seal. Used by archives and studios around the country. SHIPS UPS GROUND ONLY. CAN NOT SHIP TO A PO BOX or to HAWAII OR ALASKA. DO NOT SMOKE USING THIS FLUID AND KEEP AWAY FROM FLAME.
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