Open Reel Audio Leader Tape Solid White 1/4" X 500 FT on 3" CoreZoom

Open Reel Audio Leader Tape Solid White 1/4" X 500 FT on 3" Core

Item# AC1LWH500P
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  • Certified to Conformance per ASTMD1000
  • Made in the USA
  • 1/4" X 500FT on plastic core
  • Comes in a protective white storage box with metal NAB hub support.
  • NOT white coated clear tape like other leader, this is stable, solid opaque, and will not deteriorate, shed, and ruin your recordings
  • This leader tape is used by America's leading archives and universities

    Our customers love our US Recording-TME AC1LWH1000 series leader tape, and we sell many many thousands of rolls a year on all our selling platforms. This 500 foot version comes on a plastic core (not an NAB hub) mounted on a metal hub support and cardboard backer for easy handling like avoiding leader tape spaghetti on the floor.

    This unspliced 500 foot roll of TME® AC1LWH500P is manufactured by US Recording Media/ TME® to the demanding specifications of the US Library of Congress, and other leading government and private archives. This professional leader tape is plastic, and solid white in color. All other white leader tapes that we know of currently being made are clear plastic with one side coated with a colored resin. We do not recommend using any coated leader tapes for long term storage, as the leader can (and eventually will) degrade, shed, and the white resin can peel off the clear backing plastic and stick to your tape. We've seen this happen first hand, and so have our many government, university, and studio archive customers.This precision leader tape is slit to the exacting TME® standards by US Recording Media, LLC, and it's perfect for leadering your precious tapes. Used professionally worldwide by the leading archives, government facilities, studios, and the discerning home recordist. Comes in a white storage box with a metal hub support. We suggest leaving the cardboard carrier and hub support in the box and feed out what you need to use unless you're very experienced with handling pancakes and know what can happen.

    Application Note:

    Many studios used paper leader tape years ago because there was no SOLID white leader available at the time, and they did not want to take the risk of their recordings being ruined by coated leader tapes. If you want to color code your leader, it's simple: Get some color sharpies and draw an arrow at the beginning of your leader showing which way is the feed or play direction. Use a red arrow at the beginning of the leader showing the head end or beginning of the tape. Use a blue Sharpie at the end showing the tail end of the tape. Make sure the ink is dried before spooling your tape!
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