TME 1/4 Inch Studio Precision Hard Anodized Aluminum Alloy Splicing Block KitZoom

TME 1/4 Inch Studio Precision Hard Anodized Aluminum Alloy Splicing Block Kit

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TME® Open Reel Aluminum Alloy Splicing Kit for 1/4" Open Reel Tape with Splicing Tape and Media Blade

  • Handy Size: 4" Long x 3/4" Wide fits on most modern head block covers
  • Fully Finished All Sides and hardcoat anodized for minimal wear and long life
  • Proprietary Surelok™ Center Tape Groove gently holds your tape and leader in place
  • 45 Degree and 90 Degree cross cuts for butt and intra-media splices
  • Includes one 82 Ft roll of TME® Splicing Tape and One Stainless Steel 3 Facet Cut Media Blade
  • Made in USA in ISO 9001 Certified Machine Shop

    US Recording used to be the largest Editall block retailer in the country, but since they got out of the block business, we decided to pick up the slack for the more common blocks keeping their standards in mind. We miss that company and their employees, for they were perfectionists, and we worked with them to engineer new specialized blocks.

    TMES15AN blocks are designed to last longer than any other block being made (unlike some other basement grade blocks we can think of being offered on the internet), and are made to the exacting standards of the major archives around the world, like the Library of Congress. Note: We also have a complete line of ABS+ polymer blocks for less cost and might be what you really need.

    These beautiful TME® 1/4" aluminum alloy splicing blocks include two chamfered cross cuts (for easier blade alignment), 90 degree for adding leader and a 45 degree for splicing within the tape program. Precision manufactured in USA to TME® specifications, each block is hard industrial anodized aluminum alloy to HRC TYPE II 70C for an extremely long lasting finish and center groove integrity, and is custom manufactured and machined with a proprietary center groove to precisely yet gently holds your tape and leader into place for accurate cuts without the tape swimming around like you do with the basement grade aluminum blocks on the market. Hardcoat anodizing increases the surface hardness to Rockwell C70 which is close to Hard Case Steel! This process vastly increases the life of your block, and it will never corrode. This block is used in quantity by the largest archives in the USA, the US Government, and they keep ordering more!

    You also get one 82 Ft roll of TME® splicing tape and one USA made GEM® triple facet cut stainless steel media blade with instructions.

    Block Specifications:

  • Dimensions: 4" Long X 3/4" Wide (The most common size)
  • Material: Aluminum Alloy Hardcoat Anodized to Rockwell 70C Hardness
  • Color: Natural Aluminum
  • Finish: All Sides Machined and Hard Anodized for Long Life Manufacture Country of Origin: USA
  • Materials Country of Origin: USA

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