TME 1/4" Studio Precision Hard Anodized Aluminum Alloy Splicing Block

TME 1/4" Studio Precision Hard Anodized Aluminum Alloy Splicing Block

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Product Description

  • Full Professional Size Block 5.75" Long x 1" Wide stays in place when splicing
  • Fully Finished and Type III hard anodized to HRC 70 for minimal wear and extra long life
  • Proprietary Surelok™ Center Tape Groove gently holds the tape and leader in place
  • 45 Degree and 90 Degree cross cuts for butt and intra-media splices
  • Made in USA in ISO 9001 Certified Machine Shop

    These beautiful full sized TME 1/4" splicing blocks include two cross cuts, 90 degree for adding leader and a 45 degree for splicing within the tape. Precision manufactured in USA to TME specifications, each block is machined on all sides, hard anodized for extra long life (anodizing vastly hardens the surface beyond the hardness of any aluminum alloy), and is machined with a proprietary center groove to precisely and gently hold your tape and leader into place for accurate cuts without the tape shifting like you'll find in other aluminum blocks on the market.

    The block is hard industrial Type III anodized to 70 HRC which converts the outer surfaces to a very hard barrier layer similar to case hardened steel in hardness. This nearly eliminates normal wear and tear of the block which should last you a lifetime. This barrier layer isn't a *coating* but it changes the molecular structure of the first microns into an extremely hard condition similar to case hardened steel.

    Block Specifications: Dimensions: 1" wide x 5.75" long Material: Aluminum Alloy Finish: Hard Industrial Anodized Type III to HRC 70 Crosscuts: Two. One at 45 Degrees and One at 90 degrees

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