TME™ Studio Grade Precision 1/4" X 1000' Leader Tape on Reel LOC Spec  UPC# 858765005026Zoom

TME™ Studio Grade Precision 1/4" X 1000' Leader Tape on Reel LOC Spec UPC# 858765005026

Item# AC1LWH1000R-A
$21.98, 5/$98.91
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Product Description:

  • Manufactured for TME® in Europe under ISO 9001 Standards
  • Full 1000' Roll (unspliced) on 7" EZ Thread Reel
  • Solid White Inert Polymer...Will Not Shed or Yellow
  • Super strong, dimensionally stable
  • Enough tape for three feet of professional leader on each end of over 160 tapes
  • Ships in a White Storage Box

  • Protect your recorded media! TME® Pro Grade leader tape is special heavy duty 2 mil thick plastic, solid white with no coating of any kind, and it's perfect for leadering your tapes. This leader is precision slit to TME's exacting standards in Europe in an ISO 9001 certified facility. This 2 mil leader tape is 1/4" x 1000' on a plastic EZ Thread 7" reel, which can easily be re-used and by itself is an $8 value. EZ Thread refers to the large round access hole and flange tape slot on each side of the reel which makes it far easier to thread than reels with a narrow rectangular windage holes. We've threaded many thousands of reels at TME and we can say this with a lot of experience! Reel fits any standard trident drive tape deck like those on Teac, Tascam, Akai, Pioneer, AMPEX, and Revox decks. (Trident refers to the three metal *fins* that go into the underside of the reel from the deck to turn the reel.)

    Note: When the term 1 mil or 1.5 mil is mentioned for recording tape, they're talking about the thickness of the film the tape is made from, not the overall thickness of the tape including the oxide and back coat. 1.5 mil recording tape is typically around 2 mils thick all told with the oxide and the back coating added to the thickness of the film. So this leader is practically speaking the same thickness as "1.5 mil" recording tape, and is great to use for any recording tape including 1 mil.

    It's real easy to color code this tape. Simply draw a color bar or line on the end of the leader with a colored Sharpie® brand ink pen. This also will give you far more variation in colors to code your tape than you'll find in the available colors of coated leaders. And this leader won't shed since there's nothing to shed! You can also write the name of the tape right on the leader tape. Just make sure the ink is dry before use.
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