Open Reel Audio CL-100 Head and RC-5 Pinch Roller Cleaner Kit 8 Oz Ea LasermediaZoom

Open Reel Audio CL-100 Head and RC-5 Pinch Roller Cleaner Kit 8 Oz Ea Lasermedia

Item# CL-100-RC5-Kit
Availability: Usually ships the next business day
Cleans Thoroughly: Dissolves tape binder residue and lifts crud from your tape path Non-Carcinogenic: Does not contain cancer causing benzine like other cleaners Readily breaks down in the environment Made in USA (not China) You get 8 Ounces of CL-100 and 8 Ounces of RC-5

Our time tested (over 20 years of use) Lasermedia CL-100 Head and Metal Guide Cleaner + RC-5 Pinch Roller cleaner kit is back, and is simply the very best head cleaner and pinch roller cleaner kit you can get for any tape deck, whether it be an open reel deck, cassette deck, or even an 8-track deck. CL-100 Tape Head Cleaner easily cleans tape binder residue giving you the cleanest heads and metal guides, far better than alcohol or any other cleaner on the market. Contains no cancer causing benzine like some other cleaners. RC-5 Pinch Roller Cleaner removes built up oxides on your pinch rollers without dissolving the roller like some other cleaners. Follow the instructions on each can. Do NOT apply CL-100 to non-metal parts.

To use, simply apply with your favorite cotton tipped applicator (not included), rub gently, and allow to dry.

Both CL-100 and RC-5 have been previously approved by AMPEX/Quantegy Engineering. Made in USA Both CL-100 and RC-5 come in 8 ounce containers. Keep tightly capped. SHIPS UPS GROUND TO LOWER 48 states ONLY. CAN NOT SHIP TO A PO BOX, APO, or to HAWAII OR ALASKA. KEEP AWAY FROM FLAME.
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