Terms of Service and Conditions of Sale: Ordering, Pricing, Returns, and Shipping Information

Terms of Service and Conditions of Sale: Ordering,  Pricing,  Returns,  and Shipping Information
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Here are the important details for payment, returns and shipping. By ordering from US Recording Media, LLC you agree to these terms and conditions. There's an awful lot here (sorry about that), but we believe in transparency. Please contact us via email if you have any questions!

Order Changes
We cannot change or cancel orders after they're processed and this includes adding to or subtracting from your order.

Payment Options

We accept Mastercard, Visa, Discover, and American Express credit cards (through Paypal) and we also accept Paypal payments.

New Inventory Control: Placing something in your shopping cart does not "hold" your desired quantity of that item for you, and the available inventory does not change until you or someone else pays for that particular item. So in theory, 200 people can have the last five available "widgets" in their shopping cart at the same time but as soon as they get paid for, they are removed from available inventory and your widgets will be shown as unavailable in your cart when you try to check out. It's first pay first serve.


All products are guaranteed by the manufacturer to be free of manufacturing defects for various periods of time depending on the product. Please email us for details or contact the manufacturer. Manufacturing defects do not include user damage or abuse either intentional or unintentional to the product or any other associated equipment, damage to the product caused by associated equipment malfunction or improper use, or by use contrary to any and all stated purposes of any and all products. You are responsible to make sure the products are suitable for the purpose you intend to use them for prior to attempting to use them, and you are also responsible to know HOW to properly use the product.

Freight Forwarders:

We have a lot of customers living in Canada and Japan who use freight forwarders to get their orders shipped. Once someone at your forwarder accepts the shipment we sent you, it is for all purposes delivered to YOU.

UPS Order Returns...Non Delivered and/or Non-accepted Package

It makes sense to have someone available to accept your orders or make suitable arrangements with UPS (United Parcel Service.) 1-800-PICKUPS It is the customer's responsibility to be available or make arrangements with UPS (they DO work with customers!) to receive orders. (When you place an order you will be sent via Email a UPS tracking number directly from UPS to the email address you provided, or you can also contact us directly by email to get the tracking.) If an order is returned to us because nobody accepted the package at the address you provided on your online order, you will get a refund of the order total minus double the original shipping fee you paid. Why double? We have to pay UPS to attempt to deliver your package as well as pay UPS to return the package to us. If the total shipping fees exceed the amount you paid for the products shipped, there will be nothing to refund. If you later want the order re-shipped, you will have to re-enter the order from scratch. UPS attempts to deliver your order THREE times.

Your order's products and tax came to $100 and shipping is $10.00 for a total of $110.00. Nobody was available to receive the package from UPS and it arrived back at our warehouse. You will be credited for $90.00 for the product and tax (if any). ($110.00- $10.00- $10.00=$90.00)

Shipment Errors:

Once in a long long while, less than one order per year average, we might erroneously ship the wrong product to you. (If you do something enough you're bound to make an error sooner or later although we try our best to be 100%) In this case, at your request, we will issue a UPS call tag and they will attempt to pick up the incorrect item. You could also sent it via UPS with a US Recording Return Authorization. If the error involves replacement by "the correct" item, we must wait until UPS has actually picked up your return before shipping the "correct" item. We don't need the "incorrect" item back in our warehouse, just proof UPS actually picked up your box with the "incorrect" item in it. We will not release replacement product until this happens and there's NO exceptions. If you want to shave even more time off the process, re-order the one item online, and we will credit your account when we receive the call tag item.

Damaged Shipment:

Our packages are well packed and damage is very rare. All shipments with damage will have a damage claim filed with UPS by US Recording or you, and your order will be re-shipped with new product when UPS tells us to re-ship AND the damaged product(s) are inspected by UPS at your location to verify damage. If they verify the damage you may be able to keep the damaged item(s) AT UPS' DISCRETION. US Recording will re-ship the same items to you with the same shipping method you chose on the initial order when UPS tells us to re-ship which takes about a week.

Important: Any and all cleaning fluids must NOT be ordered with any recording media or LPS unless you use the "Ship Separately" option. This option will partially pay for the fluids to be shipped separately (not in the same box.) We're not out to tell people what to do, but if you do NOT click the "Ship Separately" option for each fluid ordered with tape or LPS, you agree if ANY of the other contents in the package are damaged by leakage it's your loss, and in no way is US Recording Media, LLC OR UPS responsible for this damage. It is impossible to pack any liquids and be absolutely sure there is absolutely no way the fluids will leak. You pay for one package with your shipping fee, and it will be packed as one package unless choosing the "Ship Separately" option.

"Missed" Call Tag Pickups:

If you ask us to issue a call tag, someone will have to be around for UPS to get the package. In some cases, you can call UPS and arrange for them to get the box off your porch, for instance. (Make sure they will know what box to take!) If after three attempts, UPS has not been able to retrieve the package, you are responsible for these charges and there are NO exceptions. We will not issue any credits, re-issue a call tag, or any additional product, even on a new order, until these charges are paid. (We have records of people owing us fees for over 20 years... it does not go away.)

Incorrect Addresses:

Please make absolutely sure your address is correct! We attempt to verify all addresses with the UPS database before shipping according but this is not foolproof. If your address shows up as "unknown" your order may be delayed for verification. Once an order is shipped, there is no guaranteed way to correct the address and most likely the order will be returned to us as undeliverable and the same policies apply as if it was refused. (See above)

Avenues and Streets can be important! In some cities, there might be for example a 12th Street as well as a 12th Avenue. Please don't just enter "100 12th", for instance, even if you live in a small town. We've had shipments bounce simply because there was no "Street" or "Avenue" or "Court" attached to the end of the address.

Shipping Information:

    Domestic UPS shipping rates are not determined by US Recording but when you enter your shipping information, they're determined in real time by UPS, according to the shipping weight of your order, the valuation, size of the box, fuel surcharges, where the box is being shipped, and shipping method. Keep in mind small, light orders like a roll of splicing tape may see high shipping rates compared to the overall product cost and weight, but there's a minimum one pound shipping rate. It will save you money to order everything you need at one time rather than many small orders. We normally don't ship more than 40 pounds of items in one box due to potential damage. Shipment costs of multiple boxes is far more expensive than the same weight  in one box but we can't always safely ship everything in one box. (For instance if we were shipping fine crystal wine glasses and 2" ball bearings together.) Please note that a box weighing 21.2 pounds, for example, would be billed at 22 pounds which is the next higher full pound weight.

We can't absolutely promise to get a package to you by any particular day, especially during periods of bad weather. You should always leave an adequate buffer in case of shipping and delivery issues.   Weekend days do not count as shipping days. To save shipping expenses, calculate what date you need your order delivered. To play it safe add a three day buffer for in-stock items for inclement weather or mis-shipped packages then choose your shipping method. There's a handy UPS map under "Read Me" on the tool bar to get an idea of ground deliver times.

UPS Second Day Air has turned out to be the best choice for Rush Orders. UPS Ground usually gets to most locations in Maryland, Connecticut, New Jersey, Mid to Eastern Pennsylvania, Delaware, and New York the next day, so there's probably no need do use 3 day select or even second day air for these locations. Please double check with UPS at www.ups.com to verify shipping times. There's always some pockets of difficult shipping areas which may take slightly longer.
If you see pricing or shipping costs that don't look right, please inquire before placing and confirming your order. Errors, although very rare, can be caused by a glitch in the auto transfer of UPS rates from UPS or other technical issues. Please refer to the UPS website for the official on UPS terms and conditions. Remember, all orders are subject to our approval.

What  Does Next Day, Second Day and 3 Day Select Mean?
Some people are still confused over this, so let's re-state it here. Assuming there's no weekends or holidays involved, a 2 Day Air shipment should be delivered in two shipping days after the order is placed if we get the order before noon Eastern Time.  Three Day Select should be delivered three days after the order was placed if we get the order by noon PM Eastern time.
For example:
An order is placed on a Monday at 10:00AM eastern time and  you choose UPS 2nd Day Air. For in stock orders, you should normally receive the package on Wednesday by the end of the day as long as you're within the 2nd Day Air UPS delivery area.. The day you place the order does not count as a transit day. Weekends are not counted either.  If the order is placed after our Same Day Order Cutoff time it will ship the next business day.  Make sure you confirm our inventory status if you have a time sensitive shipment.

IMPORTANT Returns Policy:
Please make sure your order is correct before submitting it. All returns are subjected to a 15% restocking fee and all allowable items you want to return must be unopened, in new condition, unused, be exactly what we sent you, and they MUST have a US Recording Media, LLC return authorization number clearly written on the outer shipping box and MUST be returned via UPS only. (All US Postal Service packages are refused.) You will be credited for 85% of your item cost only as a US Recording Media credit which may be used against future orders.  If you desire a credit card refund instead, you must indicate this. All special orders, microphones, blank recording media, hard drives, all  MRL calibration tapes, and all partially used items or unsealed items are not returnable so make sure you order the right item.  ALL returns must include all manuals, packaging and accessories sent with the item, and you must return it in the original box. In other words, return it to us the way it was when we shipped it. Returns also include refused orders or orders that UPS tried to deliver three times, then returned to us. In this case, we can ship the order again, but you will be responsible for new shipping fees. IMPORTANT: Due to security issues, all packages attempting to be delivered without a return authorization number from US Recording clearly written on the outer shipping box will be refused or even scrapped unopened, and will likely result in no credit or payment being issued. There are absolutely no exceptions. 

after 21 days from the date of delivery. This is plenty of time to figure out if you ordered the wrong thing, got sent the wrong thing, or if you ordered too much of something. Remember, we accept no returns on recording media including but not limited to open reel tape, DAT, ADAT, and audio cassettes. There are no exceptions allowed.

If a product you purchased is defective: It should be returned to the manufacturer for their determination in accordance with their policies if they request a return.  We are not allowed to make any warranty determinations. They will either correct any defect or simply replace the item if they determine it's truly defective. We can assist you with this issue if needed. Items damaged in shipping will be dealt with by contacting the carrier. We will initiate a damage claim, and they might want to see the damaged items and especially the box it was shipped in. SAVE YOUR PACKING MATERIAL IF YOUR ITEM WAS DAMAGED. IF YOU GET RID OF THE PACKING AND UPS REFUSES A DAMAGE CLAIM, YOU WILL NOT RECEIVE REPLACEMENT PRODUCT OR A CREDIT. All items are packed professionally but rarely they might get damaged no matter what we do but in almost all cases there will be obvious box damage and this should be noted to the UPS driver when he delivers it. In other words, if it looks like there's a forklift hole through the box, there's a good chance there's internal damage to something.

Sales Tax:
Since our offices are located in Pennsylvania, we're only required to collect sales tax for orders shipped to a Pennsylvania address. That tax rate is 6% and Pa law requires charging tax on the product amount plus the shipping. We do not charge sales tax on any other orders. Government agencies and registered non profits are, of course, exempt. For Pennsylvania non-profits, we need your sales tax exemption form on file before we can exempt you.

We accept Mastercard, Visa, American Express, and Discover card on most orders. We are extremely careful with credit card information for your safety and security. We do not have a minimum order amount but keep in mind on some inexpensive items your shipping may cost more than the items themselves.

In the case of discontinued items, we can only sell what we have and the items cannot be re-ordered. If you order more than what we have, your order will be adjusted to reflect our current inventory level. Please contact us for exact inventory levels before ordering discontinued items.

Please send mail orders to:

US Recording Media, LLC
PO Box 991
Kresgeville, Pa 18333

All pricing is subject to change without notice. All pricing is current to the time the order is placed unless the order's prices are covered by our written quotation. All orders are subject to approval and are not deemed a contract until we accept the order. A credit card approval number from your bank does not constitute a contract. Some orders may be rejected due to contradictions in billing and shipping information or any other reason at our discretion. Credit card security is a top item for us. You may be contacted for more information for your security and ours. Our servers are some of the most secure around and use the same 256 bit SSL security that is used by the international banking community.
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