Inner Master Sleeves Round Bottom HDPE USA Made 50 Pack by TME! Zoom

Inner Master Sleeves Round Bottom HDPE USA Made 50 Pack by TME!

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Anti Static Round Bottom HDPE 12" LP Record Inner Sleeves by TME™ 50 Pack MADE IN USA UPC: 858765005347 (International GTIN-12)

Product Description: SOLD OUT!
  • Precision Die Cut
  • 100% Virgin USA Made HDPE Film
  • Much more transparent than Imported Sleeves
  • Not Recycled materials like Imported Sleeves
  • 2 Mil Thickness with Round Bottom to avoid Dog Eared corners

  • Our NEW very popular archival quality 2 mil round bottom inert 100% USA made virgin High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) record inner sleeves are anti-static and feature a rounded bottom to make them easier to insert into the jacket, helping to prevent dog eared bottom corners. High tensile strength virgin High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) is the very best material to protect your valued recordings inside their jacket, because it does not cause any damaging acidic migrations, or scratch your records which can happen with regular poly or low density sleeves. (See below.) The virgin HDPE we use for these inner sleeves is perfect for long or short term storage of your recordings, and we like the thickness of this material, as well.

    Important: Our virgin HDPE is an additive free, non-recycled material which can contain contaminants. Regular poly, LDPE, and LLDPE must have slips agents and antiblock additives so that the sleeves do not stick together. This is called blocking. Since our HDPE does not contain these additives, it is ideal for record sleeves because your records will not be adversely affected by contact to slip and antiblock.

    Note: The antiblock additive found in low density and regular poly plastic is typically made from diatomaceous earth, calcium carbonate, or in some cases they use talc. All of these additives are abrasives that can cause scratching on any surface it comes in contact with and you don't want to ever use record sleeves that will cause hairline scratches on your valuable records, especially when you thought you were doing a good thing getting rid of the paper sleeves. These sleeves, according to legend, were first used by EMI records years ago, and they had the right idea. For up to 200 Gram records. 2 Mil Thickness. 100% Made in USA
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