Splicing Block Kit, Open Reel Audio, for 1/4 Inch Open Reel Tape, Red, with Splicing Tape, and Stainless Steel Media Blade by TMEZoom

Splicing Block Kit, Open Reel Audio, for 1/4 Inch Open Reel Tape, Red, with Splicing Tape, and Stainless Steel Media Blade by TME

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"I love these little blocks! Finally a nice small block that works and doesn't cost an arm and a leg. "- S. Cunningham

  • Includes 1 each TMES15NP Polymer Two Chamfered Cross Cut Splicing Mini Block BLUE Color
  • Includes 1 each AC1S Series 82 Foot Roll of Splicing Tape
  • Includes One USA Made GEM ® Stainless Steel Triple Facet Cut Media Blade
  • Polished center tape groove safely holds your tape in place without damage
  • Block will not corrode like basement grade aluminum blocks
  • Block will not mar or scratch your precious tape like aluminum blocks can
  • Blades last a whole lot longer
  • Block made of aerospace grade USA made tough as nails polymer material

    This kit, a US Recording Media exclusive for 1/4" open reel tape, is really nice since it doesn't sacrifice quality, is an outstanding value, and can be used for many years. The kit comes with one dual crosscut industrial aerospace grade polymer TME-S15N professional splicing block with a proprietary Surelock™ center tape groove to lock your tape into place for a professional splice, plus one crosscut at 45 degrees the other at 90 degrees. Please see photo of engineering model for more block construction details.

    To use, simply position the tape into place along the tape channel's bottom curve oxide down. You can use a cotton tipped applicator to assist you. The center groove design helps prevent the tape from slipping in the groove when cutting the tape, ensuring a good splice. To remove the tape, gently lift the tape from one end. Very easy! Note: The width of the center groove is slightly narrower than most quality tapes to help conform the tape to the groove bottom radius and allow the groove to grip the tape to reduce slipping. This is a standard practice in all quality blocks for over 60 years. Our center groove is dimensionally accurate to .001".

    Even More Details:

    The hard polymer used to make these blocks is the same stuff used to make football helmets, aerospace, and aircraft parts. We wanted to present a block that will last for years, yet be economical. (Why unnecessarily spend a lot more money on a block just because it's aluminum, especially since it's not the material that makes the block perform, but the engineering and quality of manufacture? Unfortunately, most aluminum blocks we see being made out there are what we call basement grade non-anodized, unfinished, and inexcusable. Of course they may be presented as finished, but when there's machine marks on them, sharp burred edges, marks from when the aluminum bar was made, and they're not even anodized... they *ain't finished!*. We regularly sell blocks to the Library of Congress and the leading archives around the world so we know our blocks, and have been manufacturing blocks for over 30 years.)

    Our proprietary Surelock™ center tape groove is designed to grip overlapping tape into place for a perfect splice. A TME® exclusive, the crosscut cleaning channel holes gather tape editing particles and other crud from the bottom of the blade channels, and can be easily cleaned using compressed air. Please see arrow in photo for location. Note: The center groove is slightly less than .250" wide to help position the tape into the radius at the bottom of the groove. This is standard in any quality block and has been a normal design feature for over half a century including Editall, ATR manufactured blocks, TME, and AMPEX blocks. Use a cotton applicator to position the tape against the bottom radius. This will grip your tape into position so it doesn't slide around which is important when you overlap the tape to make your cut. The block bottom is solid so you can easily attach the block to your deck with double sided tape (Not Included.)

    Note: The cross cut slots for cutting your media are designed for maximum .009" thickness blades. Do not use thicker blades or you can damage any block and void your warranty. ALWAYS use a sharp stainless steel media blade.

    Also included is one 82 FT roll of top selling TME® splicing tape ( the number one brand of recording accessories in the country) Lastly, you get one USA Made .009" thick stainless steel triple facet cut media edge cutting blade. Additional quantities are available from US Recording.

    WARNING: The included media blade is very sharp. DO NOT EAT. Keep away from animals and children, and any possibly unstable people.

    Block Specifications:

    Dimensions: 4" Long X .75" Wide X .25" Thick Material: Aerospace Grade ABS+ Blend Color: RED (other colors available... black...blue..gray ) Manufacture Country of Origin: USA Materials Country of Origin: USA

    TME® is a registered trademark of US Recording Media, LLC All rights reserved
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