Splicing Block Kit for 8MM Video TapeZoom

Splicing Block Kit for 8MM Video Tape

Splicing Block Kit for 8MM Video Tape
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Product Description

Finally, an 8MM Splicing Block Kit!

  • Includes one TME 8MM High Contrast Yellow Splicing Block
  • Includes Two 4" Strips of 1/2" Wide Splicing Tape
  • Includes one GEM Triple Facet Cut Media Blade
  • Includes Instructions
  • Made in USA

    There's an awful lot of 8MM videocassettes out there, and there's also a lot of them needing repair. TME has engineered a new polymer splicing kit, just for the purpose. The new high contrast yellow color makes it easier to see any gaps in your splices which are very bad on scanning heads and can cause your tape to get eaten.

    If you've ever tried to repair an 8MM video tape without a splicing block, you'll really appreciate this kit! Rather than trying to tape the ends down on a table, you simply lay the tape into the center groove of the block, overlay the ends slightly, cut carefully with the blade, cut a small piece of the included splicing tape, trim the edges, and you're all set to go. (More detailed photo instructions are included.)

    The 8MM block is polished to help in keeping the block clean. Please keep it free of finger oils and dirt. Your video deck will appreciate it.

    The polymer material used to make this block will not chip, warp, or especially corrode like non anodized basement grade aluminum blocks on the market. This is especially critical with video tape, because even the smallest amount of aluminum oxide (corroded aluminum) can destroy the video heads in quick order. The make sand paper out of that stuff!

    Note: This kit is ONLY for 8MM video cassettes like the one shown in the photo. This kit is NOT for audio cassettes, open reel tape, VHS cassettes, or any other tape that is not 8MM wide. Please be sure of what you are ordering and make sure you need an 8MM block!
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