Splicing Block Kit, Audio Cassette and DAT Gray w Surelock™ Center Groove

Splicing Block Kit, Audio Cassette and DAT Gray w Surelock™ Center Groove

Splicing Block Kit, Audio Cassette and DAT Gray w Surelock™ Center Groove
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Product Description

Product Description:

  • Includes One USA Made GEM ® Stainless Steel Triple Facet Media Blade (not shown)
  • Includes One 82 Foot Roll of White TME® Audio Cassette and DAT Tape Splicing Tape
  • Includes Dirt Minder™ Holes for Cleaning Cross Cut Slots
  • Block will not corrode or damage tape edges like basement grade aluminum blocks that cost much more
  • Block made of advanced aerospace grade USA made tough as nails polymer material
  • Polished top and edges are Gentle on your Tape and Easy to Keep Clean

    For anyone who has the task of fixing an audio cassette or DAT tape, these blocks are a blessing, especially fixing C-120 cassette tapes, one of the most miserable tapes to fix known to man. Once correctly positioned in the block's center groove, our blocks will gently hold the tape into place so you can overlap the ends, make a clean cut, and you can apply a piece of the included audio cassette/DAT splicing tape without the tape curling into a Slinky®, (and you getting ready to throw the tape out the window). The key to fixing cassettes is patience.

    Note: Shredded and shoe stringed sections of tape must be cut out and the ends of the *good* tape spliced together. You can't fix sections of tape that are destroyed.

    Our TME® polymer splicing blocks are all made with top precision for the purpose. In particular, the cassette block, as shown, must be perfectly made to deal with the very thin tape used in audio cassettes and digital audio tapes (DATS.) If the center groove is poorly made, the tape will not be held into place and it will swim around in the center groove.

    This splicing block, another US Recording Media exclusive for audio cassettes and DATs, is really nice since it doesn't sacrifice quality, is an outstanding value, and can be used for many years. The included TMES125CNP block features dual crosscuts, with a proprietary Surelock™ center tape groove helps gently hold your tape into place for a professional splice, along with one crosscut at 45 degrees for media editing, and the other at 90 degrees for applying leader tape.

    The hard advanced polymer used to make these blocks is the same stuff used to make football helmets and aircraft parts, and we went with this simply for cost reasons, as opposed to machining aluminum, and to offer various colors.. We wanted to present a block that will last for years, yet be economical without spending a lot more money on an aluminum block, with most aluminum blocks now made being rather amateur unacceptable non-anodized basement grade to begin with. If you only make a few hundred splices a year, these blocks will last a long time if you take care of them (like anything else.)

    This block includes Dirt Minder™ holes at the bottom of each cross cut slot to clean out hard to get dirt at the bottom of the grooves. This exclusive feature can be utilized with compressed air shot into the holes or even a small piece of fine stiff wire. The block's top surface, sides, and tape groove are all polished to be gentle on your tapes, as well as easy to keep clean with a 91% alcohol wipe-down.

    WARNING: The included media blade is very sharp. DO NOT EAT. Keep away from animals and children, and any unstable people.

    Note: Always use a sharp MEDIA blade to cut media. Genuine GEM USA made stainless steel media blades are by far the best. To verify, look for GEM stamped on the blade handle. NEVER use any utility blade that is coated with oil and/or thicker than .009". We've included one blade to get you started.

    Included is one roll of our Audio Cassette/DAT Splicing tape, 82 Ft long. This tape has the very same adhesive as our Professional AC1S89B1C tape but is colored WHITE to match the color used in the past to manufacture cassettes.

    Block Specifications:

    Dimensions:4" Long X .75" Wide Material: Aerospace Grade ABS+ Mixture Color: Gray Manufacture Country of Origin: USA Materials Country of Origin: USA

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