Splicing Block, Open Reel Audio 1/4" Gray Full Size w Surelock™ Center Groove and Blade Keeper™ Slot by TMEZoom

Splicing Block, Open Reel Audio 1/4" Gray Full Size w Surelock™ Center Groove and Blade Keeper™ Slot by TME

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Splicing Block, Open Reel Audio 1/4" Gray Full Size w Surelock™ Center Groove and Blade Keeper™ Slot by TME

New Product Release June 2019! Now Shipping Revision B

Product Description:

  • Includes One USA Made GEM ® Stainless Steel Triple Facet Media Blade (not shown)
  • Includes NEW Blade Keeper™ media blade storage slot
  • Full Size Professional Block 5.25" Long x 1" Wide
  • Block will not corrode or damage tape edges like basement grade aluminum blocks that cost much more
  • Smooth and Polished Tape Groove and Surfaces are Gentle to your Tape
  • Block made of advanced aerospace grade USA made tough as nails polymer material

    Note: We're now shipping Revision B of this block, where we shifted the blade keeper slot over to one side, centered the crosscuts a bit more for more ease of use, made it a little thicker, and made various internal improvements. Please see the Xray engineering reference image for details. We're always improving things, since there's nothing absolutely perfect, so if you have thoughts about any of our products please contact us!

    This splicing block, another US Recording Media exclusive for 1/4" open reel tape, is really nice since it doesn't sacrifice quality, is an outstanding value, and can be used for many years. The TMES25NP features dual crosscuts, with a proprietary Surelock™ center layered groove to lock your tape into place for a professional splice, along with one crosscut at 45 degrees for media editing, and the other at 90 degrees for applying leader tape. The hard advanced polymer used to make these blocks is the same stuff used to make football helmets and aircraft parts, and we went with this simply for cost reasons and to offer various colors and features like our exclusive Blade Keeper™ slot to store your editing blade. We wanted to present a block that will last for years, yet be economical without spending a lot more money on an aluminum block, with most aluminum blocks now made being rather amateur unacceptable non-anodized basement grade to begin with. If you only make a few hundred splices a year, these blocks will last a long time if you take care of them (like anything else.)

    The surface of this block is made in such a way as to allow easy grip of the tape as well as you holding the block. The bottom is solid so you can easily attach it to a surface with double sided tape (Not Included.)

    Note: The cross cut slots for cutting your media are designed for maximum .009" thickness blades. Do not use thicker blades or you can damage any block and void your warranty. ALWAYS use a sharp stainless steel USA made media blade.

    Why polymer material?

    Over the recent years most manufacturers have replaced parts once made from metals with advanced polymers like those used in our new line of splicing blocks and other accessories yet to be released. One reason is cost, but in most cases they actually perform better thanks to exotic blends of materials.

    Although we still manufacture aluminum Studio Grade™ splicing blocks, well made blocks have gotten quite expensive for many customers, due to the cost of quality machining and block finishing like anodizing. Also, most people rarely even use them, yet originally they were designed for studios and archives who use them all day long every day. We discovered a polymer material that is blade cut resistant to minimize wear, and very stable. It is the same material used to make football helmets, aircraft parts, and aerospace parts. This also allows us to include features like our exclusive Blade Keeper™ blade storage slot on the block. Ever look around for an hour to find your editing blade? Now there's a place to stash it!

    WARNING: The included media blade is very sharp. DO NOT EAT. Keep away from animals and children, and any unstable people.

    Note: Always use a sharp blade to cut media. Genuine GEM USA made stainless steel media blades are by far the best. To verify, look for GEM stamped on the blade handle. NEVER use any utility blade that is coated with oil and/or thicker than .009". We've included one blade to get you started.

    Block Specifications:

  • Dimensions: 5.25" Long X 1" Wide
  • Material: Aerospace Grade ABS+ Mixture
  • Color: Gray (Also available in Red and Black)
  • Manufacture Country of Origin: USA
  • Materials Country of Origin: USA
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