Splicing Kit 1/4 Inch with 500 Ft Leader, Pro Anodized Splicing Block, Splicing TapeZoom

Splicing Kit 1/4 Inch with 500 Ft Leader, Pro Anodized Splicing Block, Splicing Tape

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The Professional Block in this Kit is Well Known as the Best on the Market.
Product Description:
  • Includes 1 each TME S15AN 4" Professional Two Cross Cut Splicing Block Made in USA
  • Includes 1 each AC1S Series 82 Foot Roll of Splicing Tape
  • Includes 1 each AC1LWH500R 500 Foot Roll of Leader Tape
  • Includes One Safety Edge Blade
  • Includes Instructions
  • Comes in a handy heavy duty storage box

The ACSPLICEKIT-CA kit comes with one dual crosscut hard anodized TME-S15N professional splicing block with a Surelock™ center groove to lock your tape into place (other blocks out there don't have Surelock and the tape swims around in the groove), with two crosscuts, one at 45 degrees the other at 90 degrees.  The 90 degree cut is for a butt splice for adding leader, and the 45 degree cut is for splicing within the tape itself, for instance if you were cutting out the noisy lead-in to a song recorded from an LP or even a pop.
Dimensions: 3/4" wide x 4" long.
Also included is one roll of the number one selling series of splicing tape in the USA, the TME AC1S. This is 82 Feet long.  In addition, you get one 500 Foot roll of the archival quality AC1LWH500R solid white leader tape, the same stuff used by the Library of Congress. This leader is solid white and can not shed. Last, you get one safety edge Triple facet USA made razor blade included. These are the sharpest single edge cutting blades we know of.

Block Specifications:
  • Size: Full Size 4" X 3/4"
  • Material: Aluminum Alloy
  • Finish: Type III Hard Anodized to Rockwell 70 for Long Life with no Corrosion. Similar hardness to case hardened steel

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