Splicing Tape 1/2" X 82 FT by TME

Splicing Tape 1/2" X 82 FT by TME
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DESCRIPTION: Face it. There's a lot of really bad splicing tapes out there that goo all over the place or dry up in year or so. Or they're ancient. The TME™ AC1S89B2C is a brand new splicing tape specially designed for use in splicing magnetic tape to leader tape or making intra-tape splices. Sold world wide by US Recording to government and university archives. Specially formulated to adhere to back coated tapes like RTM, Emtec, AMPEX, 3M, or ATR. This splicing tape is the very best you can buy. For 1/2" wide tape. Comes 82' long on a 1" plastic core. Comes double sealed in a blue zip pouch for fuzz free storage. Please click on the photo for a full screen image. We highly recommend using our media edge editing blades with this item. The inner core diameter is 1.0". Made in Europe.


Minimal adhesive buildup on cutting blades High shear, special non-oozing adhesive great for back coated tapes UPC# 858765005095 High strength (exceeds 3 KG test) Uniform roll unwind, no more jerky unwind Precision slitting tolerances Slit in an ISO 9001 certified facility and coating facility is ISO 9002 certified


Color: Blue Substrate: .0015" Adhesive: .0002" Total: .0017"

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