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Splicing Tape for Audio Cassette and DAT Tapes

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  • TME® AC0S95B1 is a Studio Grade™ Professional Grade Splicing Tape for Audio Cassettes and DAT Tapes
  • Brand New Batch Manufactured 2020 (not ancient, dusty, dumpster-bound old stock. )
  • Buy direct and get the freshest genuine TME® product, not a knockoff!
  • Includes one free USA made GEM® Triple Facet Cut Stainless Steel Media Blade for a clean media cut

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    Won't dry out, fall off, or ooze like many brands, and is re-positionable We very highly recommend using our high quality splicing block TME® S125NP to position your splicing tape on recording media. It's far easier and far more accurate than taping it down to your desk! Comes double sealed in a handy zip-bag and outer sealed bag to ensure freshness!


    TME® *stands for* Tape Media Engineering, a US Recording Media brand. TME® AC0S95B1 is another product we manufacture in Europe and import directly by air to the USA. This splicing tape made specifically for splicing audio cassettes and Digital Audio (DAT) tapes. We decided to go with white color rather than blue simply to emulate the original splices when the tapes were made. We've also included one new GEM brand USA made stainless steel triple facet cut safety edge media blade just in case your blade was made when George Washington learned how to ride a horse. It's important to use a good sharp stainless steel cutting blade, so the blade is free on us! By the way, look for GEM® stamped into the handle of the blade. This shows your blade is a real GEM® media blade! (See photo) This splicing tape is NOT for splicing open reel tape or any other 1/4" wide tapes.
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