Splicing Tape Open Reel Audio 1/4" Vintage White Color 82FT W/ GEM Media BladeZoom

Splicing Tape Open Reel Audio 1/4" Vintage White Color 82FT W/ GEM Media Blade

Item# AC1S95B1C
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TME® Open Reel Audio Splicing Tape WHITE 82 FT With Free Triple Facet Cut Media Blade NEW!


TME® AC1S95B1C is a Studio Grade™/Archival Professional Splicing Tape for 1/4" Format Open Reel Recording Brand New Batch Manufactured Dec 2022 (not ancient, dusty, dumpster-bound old stock. ) White Color Matches Vintage Factory Tape Splice Color of the Past Buy direct and get the freshest genuine TME® product, not a knockoff! Includes one free USA made GEM® Triple Facet Cut Stainless Steel Media Blade for a clean media cut


Won't dry out, fall off, or ooze like many brands, and is re-positionable We very highly recommend using one of our high quality TME® splicing blocks for open reel editing! Comes double sealed in a handy zip-bag and outer sealed bag to ensure freshness!

The Details:

TME® AC1S95B1C is our white open reel audio splicing tape we manufacture in Europe, and import directly by air to the USA. This splicing tape made specifically for splicing open reel audio tapes. We decided to go with white color rather than blue simply to emulate the original vintage splicing tape color popular years ago, but this splicing tape utilizes the very same adhesive as our AC1S94B1C Studio Grade/Archival splicing tape except we dyed the adhesive white, rather than blue.

We've also included one new GEM brand USA made stainless steel triple facet cut safety edge media blade. These are the sharpest commercial grade stainless steel blades made. It's important to use a good sharp stainless steel cutting blade to get a clean media cut. By the way, look for GEM® stamped into the handle of the blade. This shows your blade is a genuine GEM® media blade!
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