TMESWB-1-A  Audio Cassette Repair Work Station (Base Only)

TMESWB-1-A Audio Cassette Repair Work Station (Base Only)

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Product Description

TMESWB-1-A Audio Cassette Repair Work Station Base Only

  • Base fits your TME Audio Cassette Splicing Blocks or any other normal 4" x 3/4" Cassette Block
  • Mounting Holes for Editall P2 or TME Cassette Splicing Block
  • Rugged Aerospace Polymer Construction for Long Lasting Use
  • Perfect for Libraries and Anyone with Audio Cassette Repairs
  • Removable Cassette Tape Hub Supports Keep the Cassette in Place
  • Pop-In Block Support Feature Keeps the Splicing Block (not included) in Place
  • Designed at TME in the USA and Manufactured in the USA from USA Manufactured Parts

  • Base Colors: Black
  • ALSO AVAILABLE WITH TME® Splicing Block sold as a kit separately

    The TMESWB-1-A is our solution to a good part of the difficulty in repairing damaged audio cassette tapes. Keeping things in place so you can splice them together!

    The base has two cassette alignment keys that you simply place through the cassette tape hub drive holes (the things that many millions used to put pencils in to wind. If you've owned cassettes you know what we mean!) This keeps the cassette from sliding all over the place but does not lock the tape in place within the cassette so you can pull out as much tape as needed for a repair. In other words the hubs can turn inside the cassette.

    The base also has a splicing block support feature which is designed to fit a standard 4" X 3/4" audio cassette splicing block like the excellent TMES125CN audio cassette/DAT splicing block available separately. This feature holds your splicing block in place to keep it from moving around as you do your edit. Splicing block not included. Please see engineering drawing for size details.

    So now we have the your cassette tape stationary and the splicing block stationary. Then it is simply a matter of doing your repair and not worrying about the tape or block moving around. This base is a real time saver and helps prevent people from going insane trying to repair the very thin audio cassette tape!

    Comes in a handy 5" x 5" x 1" storage box

  • Dimensions: 4.4" Wide x 3.5" Deep <;i>Materials Source: USA
  • Material: Polymer

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