TMEŽ 1/4" x 500' Studio Grade Precision White Leader on 5" ReelZoom

TMEŽ 1/4" x 500' Studio Grade Precision White Leader on 5" Reel

Item# AC1LWH500R
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  • Five Hundred Feet Solid White Can't Shed Like Coated Tapes
  • Will Not Yellow Like White Coated Tapes
  • Precision Slit Meets LOC Standards
  • Comes on 5" Low Torque Large Hub Broadcast Reel
  • Comes in a Handy Heavy Duty Storage Box Large Enough to Hold Blades, a Splicing Block, and Splicing Tape.

  • This is the same as our TME AC1LWH1000R except you get 500' on a 5" reel and is meant for those who don't need a whole 1000' roll. 500 feet of leader will still leader both ends of about 80 tapes with three feet per end. Comes on a low torque 5" broadcast reel . Note: Low torque reels "might" indicate less than 500' of leader if you spool it through and check the timer. This is due to consumer decks using the number of take up reel revolutions as an average to come up with the time rather than capstan revolutions which is far more accurate. A low torque reel has a larger center hub. Please click on the image for a larger version. We highly recommend using our media edge editing blades with this item. Made in Europe.

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