TME Splicing Tape Tabs Archival Grade for 1/4" Recording Tape Roll of 1000 TabsZoom

TME Splicing Tape Tabs Archival Grade for 1/4" Recording Tape Roll of 1000 Tabs

Item# AC1STB94-1000
Availability: Usually ships the next business day
  • No Waste: Simply Peel and Stick
  • Perfectly Die Cut to TME Professional Recording Studio Specifications
  • Uses Our Green Core Archival Quality Tape Technology
  • 45 Degree Tab Ends Work Great for Leadering or Intra-Tape Splicing
  • Comes as 1000 Splicing Tabs on a Roll
  • Brand New Manufacture: (Not Ancient Dusty Stock)

  • TME has introduced the AC1STB94 Series Splicing Tabs for 1/4" recording tape, and they're same exact splicing tape as our best selling AC1S94B1C Archival Grade splicing tape, except here this tape is offered in it's die cut version, meaning each splicing tab is pre-cut and ready for you to peel off the backer, and place it on your splice.  This saves an awful lot of time and a lot of waste over using a roll of splicing tape, and you get an exactly sized and cut splice.  Splicing tabs have always been the preferred splicing tape for archives and studios.  Perfect for adding leader tape, as well as splices within the media like if you cut out a pop noise in a recording. 

    Since this tape comes on a backer, you can also cut other sizes and shapes as desired before peeling it off the paper. The splices come of very easy, with NO RESIDUE.  These tabs are perfect for your splicing needs! 

    With a roll of splicing tape, you have to find the end, and then try to cut a nice angled piece of splicing tape with a scissors or somehow with a blade without contaminating the tape with your finger oils.  There's always so much waste, that we calculated many users waste at nearly half a roll of splicing tape!

    The AC1STB94-1000 offered here is a 1000 tab roll in a box. To use, simply peel a tab off the backing paper, center it over your splice, and apply.  Simple, easy, fast, and professional!™ Also available in a 100 Tab Roll (AC1STB94-100)
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