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USR: The #1 Choice for Analog Media and Recording Studio Supplies
Welcome to our newly designed and secure online catalog. US Recording has been the professional's preferred source for the very best in studio/archival pre and post production supplies, recording tape, and product engineering for decades. As a manufacturer and distributor of top-of-the-line recording accessories for studios and archives, we offer the very highest standard items ranging from our TME® S25 aluminum alloy splicing blocks, TME® splicing tapes, leader tapes, sensing foils, reels, and most anything you need for archiving and post production. All the items on this site are normally stocked at US Recording and normally available for same day shipment if the order is received by 10 AM.

Our huge customer base covers all the major record companies and independent studios, universities, museums, government agencies including NASA, the National Archives, Presidential libraries, the US State Department, the Library of Congress, TV broadcast networks here and abroad, radio stations, theaters including on Broadway, Branson, Nashville, Chicago, and in Las Vegas. Our customer base of many tens of thousands of retail customers spans the globe to over 38 countries through our multi-channel sales initiative.

Featured Products

Lasermedia CL100/RC5/QT100 Kit **SHIPS BY UPS GROUND ONLY
Regular price: $55.00
Sale price: $46.98, 2/$86.98
NEW! TME™ 1/4" Studio Precision Aluminum Alloy Splicing Block
Regular price: $80.00
Sale price: $45.98
TEAC TZ-612A NAB Reel Hub Adapters for 1/4" Reels PAIR of Two
Regular price: $120.00
Sale price: $79.98
TME Open Reel Tape End Hold Down Tabs 128 Pack
Regular price: $25.00
Sale price: $19.98, 2/$38.00
Inner Master Sleeves Round Bottom HDPE USA Made 50 Pack by TME!
Regular price: $25.00
Sale price: $19.98
Lasermedia VNC-8™ Professional Vinyl Record Cleaning Fluid
Regular price: $25.00
Sale price: $19.89
Lasermedia CD and DVD Cleaner CD-DVD-8 8 Ounce Spray Bottle
Regular price: $20.00
Sale price: $15.98, 2/$29.98
TEAC TZ-612A NAB Reel Hub Adapter for 1/4" Reels Single Adapter
Regular price: $70.00
Sale price: $59.98