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Audio Sensing Foil Tape Open Reel 26 FT Real Aluminum Studio Grade™ by TME

Audio Sensing Foil Tape Open Reel 26 FT Real Aluminum Studio Grade™ by TME

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"Finally, sensing foil that actually works! I love this stuff!" -AS, Henderson Nevada

Product Description:
  • Professional Studio Grade™ Highly Conductive Aluminum Sensing Foil (Not Inferior "Aluminized Painted Plastic")
  • 7/32" x 26' long on 3" Easy Handle plastic core
  • Important: Cut to the length you need for your deck's sensitivity and operating speed
  • Custom made in Europe to exacting TME specifications in an ISO 9001 Certified Facility to ASTM D1000 Certification
  • Large 3" Professional Core for Easier Handling and Far Less Curling
  • Long Lasting and Clean Electrically Conductive Adhesion will not OOZE in time like other products
  • Also available as pre-cut tabs on a EZ to peel off rolls of 30 or 60 Tabs

Sensing foil is used on any audio tape deck using foil for auto reverse and/or auto stop sensing like TEAC and AKAI models. TME ACFOIL-26 sensing foil is custom made to TME specs in Europe specifically for open reel tape sensing. It is real, highly conductive soft aluminum foil with a non-oozing electrically conductive aerospace adhesive. Almost every other foil we see being sold as open reel sensing foil is "vapor evaporated aluminized plastic" hobby tape which is plastic coated with aluminized paint to make it shiny. That tape is fine for arts and crafts, but they do not have the conductive qualities of real foil,  will quickly wear out, may not work at all on some decks, and will ooze adhesive, contaminating your deck and precious tapes.

TME ACFOIL-26 comes 26 feet on a roll with a 3" diameter plastic core. The foil has backing release paper which you remove the foil from before you adhere your new tab to the tape. ALWAYS LEAVE A LITTLE EXTRA BACKING PAPER AFTER USE. This makes grabbing the end a whole lot easier. 

Each roll should have enough foil for one end of around 260 tapes or more. 
To use: Cut about 1" or so (depending on your deck's sensitivity), center and apply the foil to the surface of the tape where your sensors are. Smooth down with a cotton tipped applicator.  There should be a slight gap between the edge of the foil and the edge of the tape if centered properly but it doesn't have to be perfectly centered.

Specifications Per  ASTM:
Foil Thickness: 1.5 Mil
Total Thickness: 2.10 Mil
Tensile Strength: 14 Lb/In
Electrical Resistance: <0.005 Ohms per Mil Spec

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