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Lasermedia CD/DVD-8 CD and DVD Cleaner 8 Ounce Spray Bottle Model RC-5 Made in USA

Lasermedia CD/DVD-8 CD and DVD Cleaner 8 Ounce Spray Bottle Model RC-5 Made in USA

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Lasermedia CD/DVD-8 CD and DVD Cleaner 8 Ounce Spray Bottle Made in USA!

  • Professional Formula Used By Leading Archives Around the Country
  • Not a *Scratch Remover* Formula that can Ruin your Discs, but a Safe, Professional Deep Cleaner!
  • Ultra Pure Water Base 1 Micron Filtered and De-ionized. Non flammable.
  • Proprietary Amphihilic Non-Ionic Surfactants and Other Ingredients to Lift Dirt
  • Deep Cleans Gently Without Use Of Harsh Chemicals Like Alcohol or Ammonia which will weaken or damage your discs, especially DVR Recordables
  • 8 Ounce Spray Bottle Good For Approximately 237 full sprays


Compact Discs and DVDs are read by reading reflections of laser light emitted from your player, through the bottom of the disc, off the metal foil layer in your disc, and back out to your player. The players are designed to convert these reflections from digital pulses into audio and video, in the case of DVDs. The players are also designed to guess what the audio or video was supposed to be if there's something like dirt interrupting the reflection of these pulses which are stamped into the foil sandwiched in your disc. If there's too much of an interruption, your player can't guess anymore, and you get a skip. Even if your disc doesn't skip, you can still have a whole lot of guessing going on, and your picture may not look as good, and your audio may seem harsh. It pays to regularly clean your CDs and DVDs to keep them as faithful to new condtion as possible.

With the same popularity of products as our Lasermedia VNC-8 Vinyl Cleaner, Lasermedia CD-DVD-8 is a true professional archive quality cleaner for your CD, DVD, CD-R, and DVD-R collection. CD-DVD-8 uses the purest de-ionized water, specialized non-ionic surfactants and other ingredients to gently and safely lift contaminants from your disc recordings. Formulated, designed, and made in USA. Non Flammable Non Hazardous.

To use, spray a small amount onto the bottom (non-printed side) of the disc and using a clean, soft, microfiber cloth (not included) wipe straight across the disc. Do not wipe in a circular pattern . Allow the disc to dry before use. Make sure the cleaning cloth is clean before use. For very dirty discs, for instance with jelly on them, allow cleaner to soak into the dirt to lift it off the disc surface for a minute or more and repeat as needed. This fluid can be used as often as desired since it will not harm the disc surface in any way.

Note: This product is not intended to *fix* scratches, but it is there is no better cleaner to safely remove dirt, and this product can lift dirt from scratches rendering them more playable. There is no cleaner that can safely remove major scratches, dings, or gouges, and true removal requires a lengthy and costly professional process of optical quality burnishing.

Weather note: If received frozen due to cold weather, DO NOT MICROWAVE BOTTLE, but allow to thaw overnight, shake, and use as directed. Not sold for commercial use.

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