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Open Reel Audio Leader Tape Solid White 1/4" X 1000 Ft or 500 Ft Feedpack Pancake by TME

Open Reel Audio Leader Tape Solid White 1/4" X 1000 Ft or 500 Ft Feedpack Pancake by TME

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TME® AC1LWH1000PF 1/4" 1000 Ft or 500 Ft Studio Grade ™ Solid White Audio Open Reel Leader Tape Feedpack Pancake

Product Description:

  • -  Certified to Conformance per ASTMD1000 and manufactured under ISO 9001 standards slit to proprietary TME® Specifications
  • -  Full 1000' or 500 Ft Pancake in Dust Free storage box (see otions below)
  • -  NOT white coated clear tape like other leader, so it cannot shed, or discolor like the coated clear plastic leader tapes on the market
  • Stable, solid opaque, 2 Mil thickness as used by the Library of Congress and other critical users
  • -  Comes in easy to use TME® Feedpack™ packaging with metal hub support... simply pull out the amount of tape you need, and the rest stays dust free in the box
  • -  The least expensive way to get the highest toleranced, most professionally accepted tape on the market.
  • -  You can easily write on the leader with a fine point Sharpie-type marker..   label your tapes!

  • A TME® Feedpack™ is a roll of top quality Studio Grade™ leader tape in a handy dispenser box.  Rather than risking damage to the tape from shipping and handling as you WILL get from a non-protected hub, there's  an internal metal hub support in the box to support and protect the leader, and make it easier to dispense. But if you want, you can easily open the box and remove the pancake and its hub support and handle it that way. It's your choice! We prefer to keep the box sealed to keep it as  dust free as possible.

    This leader is the same as our AC1LWH1000R-A,  except this version is a pancake of leader in protective packaging that keeps all dust off the leader tape before use. The pancake of leader is safely nestled in the box,  and you simply pull out the length you need.  You save with this packaging, because you don't pay for a reel which you may not need anyway, but we also offer this leader on a reel PN AC1LWH1000R-A.  The photo with the pancake and the box shows you the pancake of tape which is sealed in the box, and is easily dispensed from the top left corner of the box.

    This new professional Studio Grade© TME® leader tape is plastic, and solid white in color.   All other leader tapes that we know of currently being made are clear plastic with one side coated with a colored resin.   We do not recommend using any coated leader tapes for long term storage, as the leader can degrade, shed,  and the resin can peel off the clear backing plastic and stick to your tape.  We've seen this happen first hand and so have our archive customers.

    Slit to exacting width in a European facility to proprietary TME® standards and specifications, it's perfect for leadering your precious tapes. Used by the thousands professionally worldwide by the leading archives, broadcast concerns, Presidential libraries, government facilities, the home recordist, and studios

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