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US Recording Media, LLC

Open Reel Audio Leader Tape White 1/4" X 250 FT Pancake

Open Reel Audio Leader Tape White 1/4" X 250 FT Pancake

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Product Description:

  • Certified to Conformance per ASTMD1000
  • Manufactured for TME® in Europe under ISO 9001 Standards
  • Full 250' Roll
  • Solid opaque white polymer material,  NOT white coated clear tape like other leader, this is stable, will not deteriorate and ruin your recordings
  • Shed proof since this is solid white polymer and there's nothing to shed
  • Enough tape for three feet of professional leader on each end of over 41 tapes
Protect your recorded media! TME Pro Grade™ leader tape by US Recording Media is special patented plastic, solid white in color, and it's perfect for leadering your tapes. This is not white coated clear tape like others sell. This tape has nothing to shed and is very stable and is used as the go-to leader tape by the leading archives in the USA (although in larger rolls.)

We've been asked by a lot of customers if we had a smaller offering of our top of the line leader tape because they only had a hand full of tapes to leader, and this tape is the same tape we sell to the best archives and studios in the world, but in a shorter length.  This leader is custom made and precision slit to exacting TME™ standards in Europe in an ISO 9001 certified facility. These 2 mil leader tapes are 1/4" x 250' on a 3" diameter core as shown in the photo.
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