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Open Reel Audio Tape End Hold Down Tape 1/4" X 215 FT No Goo Formula!

Open Reel Audio Tape End Hold Down Tape 1/4" X 215 FT No Goo Formula!

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No Goo Formula!
  • Green Color
  • 215 Ft X .25"
  • Goo Free Adhesive Won't Goo Up Your Tapes and Deck
  • Good for 1/4" Through 2" Wide Tape
  • 215 FT Will Hold Down over 1250 Tapes (2" Per Tape)
  • Newly Made:  2023 Manufacture

UPC# 858765005071

This TME Hold Down Tape is used to fasten down the loose end of the tape media to keep the tape pack intact for storage. Otherwise, the tape pack will loosen, and you can possibly curl the edges of your tape media. Since the tape edges keep your tape aligned via the guides, you can have problems with the sound dropping out, or even hearing adjacent tracks. Use of our Hold Down Tape will keep the tape pack tight, and your tape edges lined up. 
To make a good hold down tape, there's a delicate balance between too much adhesion and not enough adhesion, and there's many considerations regarding the type of adhesive and base film used. This specially made polyester based hold down tape is designed not to goo or leave residue on your media. Also, the aerospace grade adhesive is designed for surviving elevated temperatures such as baking tapes. There is no better hold down tape on the market!

Note: Don't use this or any other hold down tape to attach the beginning or end of the media to a reel for playback. 

Extra strength 1.9 mil Polyester Base Film
Residue Free Low Tack Aerospace Grade Silicone Adhesive Rated to over 350 degrees F
Green Tape on white plastic 3" ID core
1/4" x 215 Ft
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