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Sensing Foil Tabs Pre-Cut Real Aluminum Foil on Roll for Open Reel Tape

Sensing Foil Tabs Pre-Cut Real Aluminum Foil on Roll for Open Reel Tape

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  • Each Tab is Pre-cut to 1.18" Long, .22" Wide on a Roll 
  • Used for Open Reel and 8-Track Tape Sensing
  • Easy Access Backer Paper Extends Past Tab for Easier Handling and Tab Removal
  • Comes in a Handy Storage Box
  • Made in USA
  • Available in 30 and 60 Tab Rolls

  • Many open reel tapes are approaching $100 in value, so why not apply a sensing tab that is designed for the use and will not fall off and goo up your tape like the cheap faux aluminum hobby tape sold by others?  These professional Studio Grade™ tabs are real aluminum for the best performance, and even the adhesive is conductive, and this these are the only tabs made with this feature!

    TME® Professional open reel deck sensing foil is now custom made in USA specifically for open reel tape sensing to TME® specifications. It is real, highly conductive aluminum foil with a non-oozing aerospace electrically conductive adhesive. Almost every other foil we see being sold as open reel sensing foil is "vapor evaporated aluminized plastic" hobby tape, which is plastic coated with aluminized paint to make it shiny. That tape is fine for arts and crafts, but they do not have the conductive qualities of real foil,  and from our customer's experiences, will wear out, may not work at all on some decks, and will ooze adhesive, contaminating your deck and precious tapes. That hobby tape is not meant for this application and it's not worth the risk to potentially damage thousands of dollars worth of tapes over an inexpensive item.  Also, those hobby tapes generally are .25" wide or more which will make it nearly impossible to add to sensing to your tapes without having some of it overlap the edge of the tape which will goo up your heads and guides which is definitely not recommended. 

    Sensing foil is used on any audio tape deck using foil for auto reverse and/or auto stop sensing like some TEAC® models and program change on 8-track tape decks. Note: No, it will not *turn* your open reel deck into a reversing or auto-stop deck if it's not designed to do those functions! (We had to say that.)

    The foil has backing release paper much wider than the foil to make it easy to remove the foil tab with a media blade or Xacto knife.  No more searching for the end of the roll!   If you have an application where you need a longer foil tab than the tabs are cut to, simply overlap them and the proprietary electrically conductive adhesive will close the circuit.

    Note: When re-joining the ends of an 8-Track tape repair, make sure you rub off the tape ends to remove any lubricant that may be on the tape.  This lubricant is used to keep the tapes from binding in the cartridge.
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