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Splicing Kit 1/4 Inch With Polymer Block, Leader Tape, and Splicing Tape

Splicing Kit 1/4 Inch With Polymer Block, Leader Tape, and Splicing Tape

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Open Reel Audio 1/4" Splicing Kit with USA made TMES15NP Splicing Block, 250 FT Leader Tape, Splicing Tape, and Stainless Steel Media Blade

Product Description:

  • Includes 1 each TME® S15NP Polymer Two Chamfered Cross Cut Splicing Block, 1 each AC1S Series 82 Foot Roll of Splicing Tape, 1 each AC1LWH250 250 Foot Pancake of Opaque White Leader Tape, One USA Made GEM ® Stainless Steel Triple Facet Cut Media Blade
  • Block has Polished Proprietary Curved Center Tape Groove Gently Holds Your Tape in Place for an Accurate Splice
  • Polished Tape Groove Gently Holds your Tape in Place, Top And Sides Helps Keep your Block Clean
  • Comes in a handy heavy duty storage box
  • Comes with Handy Instructions

    This very handy kit, a US Recording Media exclusive for 1/4" open reel tape, is really nice since it doesn't sacrifice quality, is an outstanding value, and can be used for years. The kit comes with one very popular dual crosscut TME-S15NP ABS+ polymer splicing block with a polished Surelock™ center groove to hold your tape into place for a professional splice, plus one crosscut at 45 degrees the other at 90 degrees. The 90 degree cut is for a butt splice for adding leader, and the 45 degree cut is for splicing within the tape itself, for instance if you were cutting out the noisy lead-in to a song recorded from an LP or even a pop. The block will gently hold your tape into position for accurate splicing. This is the primary function of a splicing block; if it doesn't hold your tape in place it's nearly useless.

    Note: The cross slots for cutting your media are designed for .009" thickness blades. Do not use thicker blades or you can damage the block and void your warranty. Included media blade is very sharp! Keep blade away from children, animals, and people not suited to have sharp objects.

    Also included is one 82 FT roll of top selling TME® splicing tape. In addition, you get one 250 foot roll of the archival quality solid white leader tape, the same tape used by the leading archives in the USA. This leader is solid white, not painted clear plastic like that sold by others. Lastly, you get one USA Made stainless steel triple facet cut media edge razor blade included so you do not have to run out and find one.

    How to buy a splicing block... which one is for me? (This part is a little long but if you're not sure you might want to read this.)

    When buying a splicing block, there's a few important things to nail down as far as what you need:

    1.) First of all, what tape width block do you need? There are five basic widths of audio recording tape, 1/4", 1/2", 1", 2", and .15" (audio cassette and DAT). The home user generally buys a splicing block for 1/4" tape (open reel) or an audio cassette/DAT block.

    2.) The second thing is what physical size block do you need? There's three basic sizes of splicing blocks, Micro, Mini (or medium), and Pro Full Size. Most people buy a medium size block because they're less expensive than a full size block, and they can be mounted on many tape deck head block covers. Generally these blocks are around 4" long and 3/4" wide. The Micro blocks to most people are too difficult to use and not worth it. We don't offer micro blocks. Pro or full size blocks for 1/4" tape are generally around 5.75" to 6" long and 1" wide.

    3.) The third thing is what material is the block made from? There's two basic materials used by both Editall® and US Recording: Polymer and Aluminum.

    Polymer blocks are very rugged and forgiving, and a lot less expensive than aluminum because much of what would have to be machined can be molded into the polymer automatically. A well made anodized aluminum block can last longer than a polymer block if it is used thousands of times, but this difference is normally noticed if you make many many splices. We have polymer blocks in the field now since June 2019 and we have yet to have any wear complaints or materials issues. As far as warping, twisting, or anything like that. it's a non-existent since the material is completely stable. If you bend an aluminum block, it will stay bent, and most likely snap if you try to unbend it. The memory inherent of our polymer will return to its original shape unharmed all on its own. (Don't try this at home! If you bend any block too far it can snap.)

    Aluminum Blocks: VERY Important Note: If you decide on an aluminum block, unfortunately these days, you have to verify the block is anodized. This used to be a standard, but it seems now some businesses are more worried about squeezing out the most money than quality.

    All our TME® aluminum blocks are hard industrial anodized TYPE III which adds years to the life to the block by vastly hardening the surface hardness against abrasion from the cutting blade. Aluminum that is not anodized will corrode and that corrosion will come off on your tape. Very bad. You can normally tell if aluminum ia actually anodized simply by rubbing some white paper on it and see if dark gray *stuff* is coming off the block. Unless you like corrosion and aluminum *rust* coming off on your hands and tape, we advise never to buy a non-anodized block despite perhaps being told otherwise something like "It doesn't matter*. (Please see photo of competitor corrosion test to see what we mean.)

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