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Splicing Tape Open Reel 1/4" X 82' by TME® Pro Studio Grade/Archival FIFTEEN PACK

Splicing Tape Open Reel 1/4" X 82' by TME® Pro Studio Grade/Archival FIFTEEN PACK

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Splicing Tape Open Reel 1/4" X 82' by TME® Pro Studio Grade/Archival Bulk Fifteen Pack 

  • High shear, special non-oozing adhesive great for back coated tapes
  • High strength (exceeds 3 KG test) will not tear ever under normal use
  • Proprietary ultra long life adhesive for long term storage and use
  • Buy direct and get the freshest genuine TME® product, not a knockoff or ancient expired tape. 
  • Fresh Manufacture in 2024
  • Also available as very handy die cut splicing tabs! Search for TMEAC1STB94-100


  • Won't dry out, fall off, or ooze like other brands
  • Very long archival post application shelf life exceeds 35 years when stored properly
  • Re-positionable during application
  • We recommend using a high quality splicing block like any TME® block for best results.   


AC1S94B1C™ is a splicing tape developed in 2015 by TME®, and made in Europe with advanced adhesives for our critical archive and studio customers who want the longest life splicing tape possible. Previously only available to certain US government archives, genuine TME AC1S94B1™ is easily identified from any other splicing tape by the green plastic core.  AC1S94B1C™ is a true archival splicing tape specially designed for very long term use in splicing magnetic tape to leader tape or making intra-tape splices, yet it applies as easily as our AC1S89B1C, the most popular splicing tape in the world.  This studio and archival use splicing tape is made in a certified in an ISO 9001 facility for consistency. Specially formulated for back coated tapes or non-back coated tapes.

This splicing tape differs from AC1S89B1™ in that it has a proprietary, longer life adhesive than the AC1S89B1™ and is designed for very exacting and critical use, but the "feel" of the splicing tape is about the same. Comes in a double sealed for freshness in a green zip bag with additional outer seal bag for freshness. Please click on the photo for a full screen image. This is absolutely the best splicing tape on the market. 
For 1/4" tape. 82' long on an easily identifiable 1" GREEN plastic core.


  • Tape Color: Blue
  • Substrate: .0009 inch...... 23 microns
  • Adhesive: .0002 inch...... 5 microns
  • Total: .0011 inch...... 28 microns
  • Length: 82 FT 

Note: The actual width of this splicing tape is 7/32", which is to the standards set over the years for splicing tape meant for 1/4" width recording media.  Why 7/32"?  When applying splicing tape, you don't want the splicing tape to hang at or over the edges of the recording tape, and the slightly smaller width allows you to easily center the splicing tape using a high quality splicing block like TME blocks.

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