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Splicing Tape Open Reel Audio 1/4" x 82' by TME Studio Grade w/ GEM Media Blade FIVE PACK

Splicing Tape Open Reel Audio 1/4" x 82' by TME Studio Grade w/ GEM Media Blade FIVE PACK

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TME® Blue Open Reel Splicing Tape 1/4" X 82 FT With Free Triple Facet Cut Stainless Steel GEM® Media Blade FIVE PACK 
TME® AC1S89B1-C  is a Studio Grade™ Professional grade splicing tapeFor 1/4" Open Reel Recording Tape
Similar to TME AC1S94B1 Series Archival tape, but with standard Studio Grade© Professional adhesive
Brand New Batch Manufactured April, 2024 (not ancient, dusty, dumpster-bound old stock. )
Includes one free USA made GEM® Triple Facet Cut Stainless Steel Media Blade for a clean media cut.
The Details:

This splicing tape is used on recording tape to splice two sections of edited recording tape together.  It must be thin, as to not create a *lump* in your tape pack, yet very strong, all without gooing or drying out.

TME® AC1S89B1C is another product we manufacture in Europe and import directly by air to the USA. Specifically manufactured to TME® specifications for splicing or leadering Open Reel Tape.

We've also included a new GEM® brand USA made stainless steel triple facet cut safety edge media blade  These bldes have the sharpest edge on the market, which is critical for a professional splice.   The GEM® stamped into the handle of the blade shows the  blade is a real GEM® media blade!

Note: The actual width of this splicing tape is 7/32", which is to the standards set over the years for splicing tape meant for 1/4" width recording media.  Why 7/32"?  When applying splicing tape, you don't want the splicing tape to hang at or over the edges of the recording tape, and the slightly smaller width allows you to easily center the splicing tape in a splicing block like a TMES25N or TMES15NP
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