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Splicing Tape Open Reel Recording Blue 1/2" TME New FOR ATR RMGI ATR AMPEX 3M 1 product rating

Splicing Tape Open Reel Recording Blue 1/2" TME New FOR ATR RMGI ATR AMPEX 3M 1 product rating

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TME® Splicing Tape Studio Grade™ Open Reel 1/2" x 82 FT

Product Description:
  • Imported by US Recording Directly from Europe
  • Made to TME® Specifications
  • Used by Studios and the Leading Archives
  • Brand New Manufacture (Not old moldy stock)
  • Includes One USA Made GEM® Media Blade
  • You simply can't get fresher stock than buying direct from USR!

In order to offer the freshest splicing tape possible, US Recording directly imports the TME AC1S89B2C tape, rather than buying splicing tape from a distributor,  and it's a splicing tape specially designed for use in splicing magnetic tape to leader tape or making intra-tape splices. Sold world wide by US Recording to government and university archives. Specially formulated to adhere to all open reel tapes, including back coated tapes like RMGI, Emtec, AMPEX, 3M, or ATR. This splicing tape is the very best you can buy.  Comes 82' long on a 1" plastic core, and ships double sealed in a plastic zip pouch for fuzz free storage. Please click on the photo for a full screen image. We highly recommend using our GEM® stainless steel media edge editing blades with this item.  We feel so strongly about this we've included one with the splicing tape! Tape made in Europe, blade made in Virginia, USA. 


Minimal adhesive buildup on cutting blades High shear, special non-oozing adhesive great for back coated tapes High strength (exceeds 3 KG test) Uniform roll unwind, no more jerky unwind Precision slitting tolerances Slit in an ISO 9001 certified facility and coating facility is ISO 9002 certified.


Color: Blue
Substrate: .0015"
Adhesive: .0002"
Total: .0017"
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